Alfa Romeo’s B SUV will be ready in 2024

Alfa Romeo’s B SUV will be ready in 2024

It’s been a while since we talked about the future B SUV of alfa romeo, which will be the first electric of the firm and of which we know, without a doubt, that it will have a lot to do with the new Jeep Avenger. One of the last things that appeared about the model were some statements by Imparato, in which he made it clear that the car will not be called Brennero, although in reality, everyone calls it by that name.

With the launch of this B SUV, which we will also call Brennero for now, the brand wants to move slightly away from the image it currently has as a sports car manufacturer, and thus open up the range of buyers to reach families and women. Basically, it is about, as it happens with many other manufacturers, losing the personality and image that has identified the brand throughout its history, with the sole objective of selling. Critical? Not knowing how to evolve and open up to other options without losing one’s identity is always criticizable, but as we have said on several occasions, we cannot give a well-founded opinion because we lack a lot of information.

The next B SUV will be the smallest Alfa Romeo since the Alfa Mito was manufactured, which was withdrawn from the market in 2018. It is expected to be on the market in June 2024 and, as we have said, it has many things in common with the jeep avenger. Things like the Stellantis STLA Small platform, as it is expected that it will also be available with a light hybrid powertrain. However, this option may not reach Europe and be limited to its marketing to other countries outside of Europe because Alfa Romeo will become a manufacturer of electric cars from 2027 and perhaps the brand will not see the point in bringing a version with a group hybrid engine, whatever the type.

Imparato has said, on more than one occasion, that it will be a car that is very respectful of the firm’s history and that its design, as well as its name, will be inspired by current models and the brand’s past. It will be a very important car for Alfa Romeo, but it will also be an Alfa Romeo in its new journey, where sportsmanship seems not to be the general trend. According to Damien Dally, he is head of Alfa Romeo in the UK, it will go from an emotional brand to a rational brand. Will it serve to gain sales? Well possibly, but it could also be reason enough for sales to never take off.

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