all about the Emergency Response Guide

all about the Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Response Guide uses technology based on Augmented Reality

Volvo Group launched the world’s first electric truck safety program using technology from Augmented Reality (AR) to assist first responders in emergencies. This innovative program represents a major step forward in the Volvo Group’s long tradition of safety innovation. Like the first manufacturer of large cars to develop an Augmented Reality safety program for electric vehicles, the Volvo Group shows its commitment promote safer and more sustainable transport.

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The Volvo Group app – this is how it works

The program, called Emergency Response Guidelineswas specifically designed to provide instant and useful information to first responders arriving at accident scene with electric truck. Using a combination of connectivity, cameras, sensors, 3D models and an Augmented Reality overlay, the app provides emergency responders An in-depth look at the car and its key features. The information includes the location of high voltage cables, battery packs and other important items, enabling rescuers to act quickly and efficiently to ensure safe rescue conditions.

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Electric truck technology is not only changing the transportation industry, making it more sustainable, but also the way we drive and interact with the vehicles themselves. However, this new technology also requires a new set of security criteria and proceduresand electric truck safety software from Volvo Group is an important tool to solve these challenges. The Volvo Group is committed to ensuring that first responders are enough information and ready for the transition to electric transport and for the special safety requirements that electric vehicles include.

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Emergency Response Guide: Augmented reality in the service of electric truck safety

Prepared by a team of experts in the research and development facilities of the Volvo Group in Sweden, France and the United States, electric truck safety software is faced rigorous testing in a variety of real-world scenarios. First responders who have tested the software in the field have provided a positive feedback, appreciating its benefits and the availability of useful information in real time. This shows that Augmented Reality technology is an important part of Volvo Group’s safety mission, giving first responders the best tools to deal with emergencies related to electric trucks. Emergency Response Guide is now available as a free download on Android and Apple and provides safety information for all major Volvo Group car brands, including Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks.