all new things coming until 2025

all new things coming until 2025

The French manufacturer is preparing to sell several new models in the coming years. Here is all the Peugeot news until 2025!

Frequency Peugeot continues to evolve, and we should see the arrival in the coming years of the next generations of the Peugeot 3008, 5008 and 2008, as well as revised models that will be launched this year.

Let’s take a look at the major new Peugeot models we should see land by 2025.

Peugeot 3008 III and 5008 III: coming soon

The Sochaux company is preparing to release the third generation of its best seller, the Peugeot 3008, in September 2023. Based on the new STLA Medium platform, it will be long (about 4.50 m) and adopt the sportier silhouette of a coupe SUV, while under the hood there will be electric motors of 200, 230 and 320 horses, together . and 70 and 90 kWh batteries. The diesel will disappear, but we will find in the petrol hybrid 1.2 PureTech small 48 V of 136 horse power and plug-in hybrid engine of 200 horse power. The interior will be fitted with a new large slab, which will include an instrument cluster and a central touchscreen.

The new generation of the more family version Peugeot 5008 it will also be there in March 2024: its model will be based on the 3008 III, with 5- and 7-seat versions. Finally, the 5008 will offer rechargeable hybrid engines at this event.

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Peugeot 2008 III: the next generation of 2025

Time Peugeot 2008 The revised II has just been revealed, the French manufacturer is already preparing the next generation, which should be launched in 2025 and with only electric motors. Its style will differ from the current norms of the brand, and we will find elements inspired by the concept of e-Legend and Inception, with angular and sculpted shapes, as well as an avant-garde interior. Based on the STLA sub-platform, the future 2008 III will offer electric motors from 100 to 270 horsepower, as well as 37 to 82 kWh batteries, for a range of up to 500 km.

Peugeot is scheduled to take place soon, in 2023

At the same time, the series of lions will be updated from this year 2023 with the arrival of 508 II facelift in June 2023, with a 180-horsepower version that joins the existing 225 and 360-horsepower hybrids.

THE e-308 II and e-308 SW II 100% electric it will also land in June 2023, with a range that will exceed 400 km according to Peugeot, with a 156 horsepower engine associated with a 54 kWh battery (51 kWh useful).

New 2008 II Facelift will be launched this summer of 2023, with its redesigned front end, with its electric motor increasing from 136 to 156 horsepower, and its battery from 50 to 54 kWh, it now offers 406 kilometers of autonomy.