Allegations of hate speech!  State security is investigating Roger Waters

Allegations of hate speech! State security is investigating Roger Waters

After his much-discussed and critically-acclaimed concerts in Germany, a tour stop in Berlin may yet have an impact on Roger Waters. As reported by the news site “Jewishnews” according to “T-Online”, the police are investigating the singer. A police spokesperson confirmed this to the portal.

State security is investigating Waters for hate speech because he is accused of wearing a black leather jacket and red scarf to his concert on May 17 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. He was accompanied by two “soldiers” and threw a fake gun at the audience. A festival that is “suitable for glorifying the National Socialist regime,” according to police sources. According to the first assessment, the clothes clearly refer to Nazi symbols, the presentation of which is basically prohibited in Germany.

Roger Waters pissed off Schwein and Anne Frank

In addition to the costume, Waters also released the famous pig balloon, which had the Star of David symbol on it. The fact that the singer showed the names of the murdered people on the big screen, including Anne Frank and Palestinian Jazeera journalist Shirin Abu Akle, who was killed in an Israeli military operation in the West Bank in 2002, also caused outrage.

Waters also uses the concerts on his “This is Not A Drill” tour to express his criticism of Israel and the country’s settlement policy. He is considered a vocal supporter of the BDS movement. In preparation for the musician’s concerts, some politicians had investigated whether it was possible not to allow them to take place. The decision in Frankfurt was legally overturned (but not without the court’s indication that it would be a tasteless stage show). After the demonstration in Berlin, Israel’s Foreign Ministry was shocked, writing on Twitter that “in Berlin the memory of Anne Frank and the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust” had been defaced.

Roger Waters lives in Berlin 2023

Next Sunday Roger Waters will play in Frankfurt. As with the former Pink Floyd musician’s other concerts, protests can be expected around the event. Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Jewish community in Munich and Upper Bavaria, stood in front of the Munich hall last Sunday and announced: “Hit bait against the Jews has a place in this country. This square is now the Olympic Hall.”

What consequences could the investigation have for Roger Waters?

It is not yet possible to predict what the outcome of the state security investigation will be for Roger Waters after the concert in Berlin. Basically, the initial suspicion justifies the investigation. It is not easy to say whether there will be an order because of this. In such cases, the freedom of art is often shown, whereas in special cases when remembering the symbols of National Socialism, it is important whether or not they are embedded in a satirical or narrative context that is recognizable to all viewers. The 79-year-old’s defenders say he has been performing MG in this form for decades – that he is now being targeted by the police would amount to a campaign against him.