Allegro increases the price.  Do you use Smart?  You will pay more!

Allegro increases the price. Do you use Smart? You will pay more!

Allegro is preparing a major change to its principles. We will pay more – especially if we are resellers or use Allegro Smart.

Spring time Allegro is preparing a real bomb for its users. That alone is difficult for anyone to be satisfied with. This is because there are major changes to the site’s regulations, and with them price increases for several popular services.

More expensive money on delivery

First of all, the fee for Allegro Smart customers who order products on delivery will increase. Currently, such pleasure costs PLN 3.99. From June 6, this amount will be PLN 4.99. It can be suspected that many people will not be happy with such a change, because although the difference in amount seems small, the percentage is a jump of 25 percent, and over time these differences will begin to accumulate.

However, you don’t need to use Smart to feel the effects of the upcoming changes. Also, besides registration, cash on delivery will be more expensive by about 1 PLN.

Refund seller fees

Sellers will also be affected by higher fees. From 2 May 2022, the collection fee for DPD mail will return in case of choosing this form to send parcels. This service will now come at a recurring cost PLN 3.99.

Of course, Allegro’s changes aren’t just about increases. For example, from June 1, the differential fee in the Culture and Entertainment section will drop (to PLN 2.90), and from May 2, the sale of tobacco heaters and nicotine pouches will be banned. However, it must be admitted that the next update of the rules promises to be one of those that the users of the platform should not be satisfied with.

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