Allegro: Moderate savings thanks to Allegro Smart!  is PLN 800. Really?  See for yourself

Allegro: Moderate savings thanks to Allegro Smart! is PLN 800. Really? See for yourself

On an interesting conversation about savings on free shipping under Allegro Smart! I came across Twitter today. It is interesting that I decided to take a closer look at the history of this service and its popularity.

Allegro Smart! started in Poland at noon on August 27, 2018 – (link to my report from the press conference). It was something completely new (I personally called it a revolution) on this biggest sales platform in Poland. It also turns out that it was not just a short-term happiness, it continues to this day and to a greater extent than in the previous phase.

In the first week after the premiere, Allegro Smart! 100,000 people bought, while buying 850,000 products with free delivery, which at that time gave 8.5 products per person (link to the first data).

Data on the first savings on shipping for customers who bought Allegro Smart! They appeared only in February 2020 (link to our post), so almost a year and a half after the first. It turned out that the total negotiation was still only PLN 0.5 billion in delivery costs saved by customers, and the record holder can be proud of PLN 90 thousand per year.

The data started to get interesting after three full years of existence of Allegro Smart! in the market (link) At the end of August 2021, it was already PLN 2.8 billion, which meant an average savings of PLN 450 per person. Here, the record after three years was 185 thousand. PLN for one user account.

It is worth noting that this is when Allegro shared free delivery costs under Allegro Smart! and sellers (until January 4, 2021, they were fully covered by Allegro – link).

In turn, the latest data from Allegro (linkthey already say PLN 4 billion saved by farmers who use Allegro Smart!, and which is currently 5 million. Since it is easy to calculate, it already gives us PLN 800 savings per person after 3.5 years.

Grzegorz Czapski, Development Director at Allegro:

Poles love Smart. It makes shopping easier and more fun for more than 5 million customers. Everyone can book for free fast shipping as part of a package, special offers only for Smartowiczów, or the Smart promotion festival! A week. After more than three years of launching the service, customers can access 160 million offers with the Smart Logo!

Are these savings real, even modest ones? We can find out about it in the thread mentioned above Twitter. Its author does not use Allegro Smart! and had to pay more than 1.2 thousand for its shipping. PLN (the information on my account shows that these costs do not cover the entire decade since I have an Allegro account, so these data on delivery costs probably do not apply to the entire history).

On the other hand, the flood of comments from other users of this service shows that savings on Allegro Smart! they really have a lot – from a thousand zlotys to even more than seven thousand zlotys. So I’m inclined to believe even these average savings.

I collected in one diagram the screenshots from the Allegro accounts found (data about your savings or expenses can be found below this. link) One of these screenshots is from our Slack edit, from one of our fellow editors. So I suspect that most of you don’t have to look for people who have already saved a lot on free shipping and a candle in your environment.

The question remains, who covers these costs, if not the Allegro buyer? As I said, from January 4, 2021, Allegro shares these costs with the sellers and I will emphasize right away that it is not that the sellers have transferred them to the customers – I explain it in this entry: link.

Grzegorz Czapski:

The popularity of the service made Allegro Smart! benchmark for the entire e-commerce market in Poland. At the same time, the program helps companies increase their sales on Allegro, which is why they are eager to increase their offerings to it. This is a win-win situation for both customers and sellers, and we still haven’t said the last word on the creation of this service.

We can also find some confirmation of these words in one of the comments on the mentioned thread on Twitter:

According to Allegro data, buyers under Allegro Smart! spend on average 2 years after joining the program by 84% more. So it could really be that this plan is a win-win model.

The next data on the popularity of this service will probably be known at the end of August this year, that is on the fourth anniversary of Allegro Smart! in Poland. Check out the rising popularity of Allegro Smart! from 2021, it can be assumed that they will be more interesting.