Allegro Smart Allegro Domestic Development how it works

Allegro Smart Allegro Domestic Development how it works

Turn on Allegro domestically Allegro Smart! includes free shipping to Package Lockers. You can use it if you buy goods from the seller at the same time for a minimum amount of PLN 40.

Buyers with the standard Allegro Smart package! they can use the service without limit, while those with the starter package are Smart! and Start – from two shopping products on Allegro Lokalnie (in addition, they have five shopping products from Allegro)

On Allegro Lokalnie the Smart choice! will appear next to all merchant offers and the regular account that offers shipping to Package Lockers. During the promotion, one seller can fulfill eight orders using Allegro Smart! or two orders with Smart! start.

No free returns are available as part of the offer. – Smart marked items! on Allegro Lokalnie are sold by individuals, therefore the seller has no legal obligation to accept returns – stated in the Allegro advertisement.

– In such case, you agree to return information to each other. The cost of returning the product is borne by the buyer, unless mutually agreed otherwise – added.

Allegro Lokalnie has been active since September 2019, and from 2020, sellers without a company profile cannot list offers on the main Allegro, only Allegro Lokalnie.

Allegro Smart! has more than 5 million users

In the second half of February, Allegro notice that Allegro Smart! already used by more than 5 million users. For 3.5 years since the launch of the service, the total savings of buyers on delivery costs amounted to almost PLN 4 billion, most of which was covered by Allegro.

From November to December last year as part of a promotion, the annual subscription to Allegro Smart! can be purchased for 39 PLN. In January, the minimum order value that a buyer can use Allegro Smart! for mail delivery, it was completely reduced from PLN 80 to PLN 40.

Since the beginning of February this year. sellers have new shipping purchase rates under Allegro Smart! More than now you have to pay for the shipping of orders worth PLN 80.

Allegro has completed a EUR 880 million acquisition and is investing in its packaging machines.

Allegro is the most popular e-commerce platform in Poland. According to research by Mediapanel January this year. recorded 21.87 million users and 73.58 percent. various.

In the fourth quarter of last year Allegro received an increase in income by 23.2 percent. to PLN 1.6 billion and PLN 199.7 million of net profit. The company predicts that in the years 2022-2026 its revenue will grow by a dozen or more percent.and adjusted EBITDA should be 20 percent in the middle or upper registers. At the end of February, it was announced that the president and CEO of Francois Nuyts will leave Allegro, and he will hold these positions from the end of this year at the latest.

In the second half of March The English version of Allegro was launched, previously tested for several months. Also available on

From the spring of last year Allegro is developing its network of packaging machines, at the end of December last year he had a thousand machines, this year. he wants to keep another 2 thousand. In early November, the company launched the One Box device service for buyers according to them.

In mid-December, the service was launched in eight more cities: Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Kraków and Katowice. Meanwhile Allegro informed that it had signed contracts to install vending machines in Shell stations and in Stokrotka stores.

At the beginning of April this year. Allegro has completed the purchase of 100 percent of the shares of Mall Group and WE | DO operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. It paid a total of EUR 881 million (approx. PLN 4.1 billion) to Mall Group and WE | DO