Alonso happy for Honda: “We helped make the bike more reliable”

Alonso happy for Honda: “We helped make the bike more reliable”

The Red Bull Racing team is currently enjoying a lot of success with a Honda-built power unit. In 2021 and in the current season, Max Verstappen became the world champion with a power source built in Japan. Honda worked for the first time with McLaren, Fernando Alonso was not positive about it.

Although Honda is not Red Bull’s official engine supplier, it will still supply power sources to the Austrian racing firm until 2025. Honda left after last season, but they still have a big finger in the Red Bull pie with AlphaTauri. In collaboration with Red Bull, they worked with McLaren, that marriage was not completely successful.

More progress

McLaren and Honda worked together from 2015 to 2017. The partnership was unsuccessful and then McLaren driver Fernando Alonso complained frequently about the power sources. The current Alpine driver looks back to the Telegraaf: “I was very critical of our Honda engine at the time. People who compare today’s engine with that of that time don’t know what they are talking about. The engine has been comparing today’s engine with that of that time. It improved a lot. That’s normal too.”

Development phase

Alonso saw that after the failed partnership with McLaren, Honda found golden moments during the partnership with Red Bull. The Spaniard thinks that McLaren is partly responsible for this: “We have helped them to make the power source better and more reliable. That takes time. I am happy for them that now they have succeeded and that they can help Max and Red Bull. Unfortunately we were only in the developmental stage at that time.”