Alonso has revealed his concerns about moving to Aston Martin

Alonso has revealed his concerns about moving to Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso shared his doubts and fears that accompanied him when he decided to switch from Alpine to, as it could be seen at the time, the worst Aston Martin.

During the 2022 summer break, Fernando Alosno made the unexpected decision to leave Alpine at the end of the season and join Aston Martin to replace Sebastian Vettel, who is retiring from the sport.

Alonso was not ready to continue his contact with the French club, despite ongoing talks on the matter. When he received an offer from Lawrence Stroll, he decided to accept it, but as he revealed, he did not do it without fear.

“I didn’t believe 100% everything the teams were telling you in August” said Fernando Alonso.

“I think that when Lawrence has a goal, he will achieve it. He will succeed eventually. It may take two, five or seven years, but he will get what he wants.”

“Flavio was very interested in the Aston Martin project. I think he saw the investment, he saw the vision of Lawrence, who is a very important leader that we have in the team.”

“We have known each other for twelve years. I liked his lack of limitations. Lawrence has a leadership that I think is contagious and everyone in the team believes in what he thinks. In a Formula 1 team, you need a boss like that and a single voice that sets the direction.” continued the Spaniard.

Aston Martin finished seventh in the Constructors’ Championship last season, but after just five races in 2023, it is second behind Red Bull.

“I love this team and also my role in the team. I am well aware of my position and I accept it.”

“I’m at the end of my career. I expect Lance to lead the team for the next ten or fifteen years, and I want to help the team – and I want to help Lance – as much as I can while I’m in charge.” Alonso concluded.