Alonso suggested that talks with Alpine are not going well

Alonso suggested that talks with Alpine are not going well

Fernando Alonso spoke today about the contract negotiations with Alpine and referred to his departure from Formula 1 and the motivation to start more.

Although the Spaniard has not officially agreed with his current employer, rumors suggest that both parties will decide to continue the partnership. However, this has not yet been confirmed, and because of the seat at Aston Martin, which Sebastian Vettel will erase The player from Oviedo had to face questions about a new contract and a possible transfer.

Despite the fact that he wanted to stay in Enstone, the two-time world champion gently suggested that not everything could go his way, so it is taking longer to reach an agreement. At times, his answers were somewhat circular.

– Not yet, but it will happen he answered when asked to start the conversation. – I will be on vacation and the bosses will be too, so we have to call somehow.

– Well, when two parties want to agree on something, it takes 10 minutes – he added to himself. – However, when they don’t want to and they are fighting for something, and one of them is not satisfied … What I want to say myself will not take me more than 10 minutes.

The Spaniard even received a direct question if Aston contacted him because of Vettel’s departure, however his answer was negative: – No, but we talked to them in 2020 when they were very competitive, they won the race and stood on the podium. This was before my return, but our negotiations did not work out and I joined Alpine where I am happy.

Alonso suggested that talks with Alpine are not going well

– I would like to stay here, as I said – he added when asked why he was discussing when he was so excited now. – But there are two sides, and I’m not in anyone’s head. We will open a conversation and if we agree on something, the whole conversation will last ten minutes. If we have to fight it will be weird.

– The vacation will be a good opportunity for me to sit down and think about my future, and the vacation starts already on Monday. All teams are viable options as long as they don’t have two drivers under contract. My priority is [jednak] it will remain Alpine, as we have been developing this project together for two years and are becoming increasingly competitive. I would like to stay here, but we haven’t had a chance to sit down and move on yet. So everything is possible.

– A competitive car is very important, but I don’t have a crystal ball to help me make my decision. Under the current regulations, only Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes can fight for victory, so if there is an opportunity to join them, you should take the opportunity, and if not, you should believe in the success of other projects.

– Right now my biggest challenge is to stay here and fight for victory. It’s not easy to come back. I have no other goals in mind at the moment. I also don’t have a family, and no other types tempt me at the moment.

When asked to explain his approach to leaving F1 early, recalling today’s decision by Vettel, he replied: – I decided to quit my job in 2018 because I had bigger challenges on my mind like Le Mans and IndyCar. I also wanted to try off-road meetings. I had all these challenges ahead of me and the prospect of staying on the field and racing in the 2018-2019 season was not very attractive as only one team was capable of winning.

Only Bottas and Hamilton were able to compete in the race and fight for the pole position, so it was not a chance for me at that time and so I decided to rest. However, I don’t know if the issue of car competition affected Seb’s decision.

Alonso suggested that talks with Alpine are not going well

– When I was out of F1, a crisis broke out, which had a big impact on financing and industrial operations in other series. F1, however, endured this period very well, so then the big challenge was to come back. However, I have always been driven by challenges rather than thoughts about my work at the moment.

Despite being forever young, Fernando also did not avoid talking about his final departure from F1 and moving to other series, as Alpine’s CEO recently suggestedLaurent Rossi, but he made it clear that he has no intention of going anywhere at the moment and his level of commitment is high.

– I am in very good shape and very motivated. I look forward to next year which will be the second season with new rules. We will be racing in Las Vegas and possibly South Africa soon. All very interesting.

– I feel like I’m very fast this year. Last season, I had a bit of a hard time, but now I’m using one hundred percent of my ability. Now I don’t even think about other series like IndyCar for example. I have completely put them out of my head and my focus is only on F1.

– My opinion is better than before. On the other hand, the French race was very difficult. We talked after it was over, and despite that, I was ready for another three or four Grand Prix. When there are signs in your body that indicate otherwise, you should be the first to raise your hand and admit that it may be too much.

– But I have never had anything like this andI always felt good in the car, but when I had a lot of marketing commitments in 2018, I was also mentally tired, not because of the driving. Even traveling these days [mi nie przeszkadza]. Check the calendar – I will be flying to Singapore on Monday, where I would normally do on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will spend more time in the city because it is better for dealing with the heat. I just enjoy it.