Alpina B5 GT (634 hp).  What is the best way to send a BMW 5 Series?

Alpina B5 GT (634 hp). What is the best way to send a BMW 5 Series?

The B5 GT is the most powerful 5 Series Alpina has ever built and is faster than the BMW M5 CS. Only 250 will be made.

BMW is preparing to present the new generation 5 Series in 2023, generation G60but before that happens, Alpine decided to say goodbye to the current generation (G30) and a smaller version of its B5.

A famous German company, which since 2022 belongs to the BMW Grouplaunched its final version of the current 5 Series and, along the way, created a model capable of beating the almighty. BMW M5 with power and at high speed.

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The result is this Alpina B5 GT, which is available in saloon and touring versions and will be limited to only 250 copies.

© Alpina The Alpina B5 GT is limited to just 250 examples

Underneath this whole project is the familiar 4.4 l V8 biturbo engine (N63 and not the M5’s S63) that we found inside BMW M550i and which already had a power of 608 hp in the B5 – against 530 hp in the M550i -, but here it received a new air intake and program updated, it starts producing 634 hp and 850 Nm.

Alpina B5 GT engine
© Alpina

Faster than the BMW M5 CS

Thanks to this, the new Alpina B5 GT is not only the BMW M5 (600 hp) but also BMW M5 Racing (625 hp). In this chapter, it just loses BMW M5 CS for one horsepower, producing 635 hp, which (predictably) retains the title of the most powerful 5 Series ever.

Torque is sent to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which has also been updated, and which allows the B5 GT to be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4s in the saloon configuration and in 3.6s . in the Touring version.