Alpina B5 GT more powerful than ever

Alpina B5 GT more powerful than ever

Journal of January 25, 2023
Alpina B5 GT: fun is still not forbidden

Stronger than ever and rarely: Alpina presents the fearlessly enhanced B5 GT. And a Polestar with rear-wheel drive.

Can you still enjoy driving? Or is it against the spirit of the times and when you think about it you definitely get the smell of big glue in your nose? Is the car a digital entertainment house with only four wheels to get you from A to B when buses and trains don’t connect? Or are we still interested in what the engine can do and how the car drives? If you’re reading this magazine, you’ll know the answer – and Alpina knows it too: the new B5 GT, with 634 hp, is the most powerful production car in the company’s history. My colleague Uli Baumann has all the news about the rare model.


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Alpine B5 GT


Polestar is the beautiful and sporty daughter of Volvo. Unlike his Swedish mother, Chinese children do not follow the speed limit of 180 km / h, which is only appropriate in Germany – even if such a sign of 180 km / h on the Autobahn would certainly attract Instagram users from all over. The world. The Polestar 2 has been given a facelift – with rear-wheel drive for single-engine variants. The sports girl moves with her mother. Let’s just say it in a neutral way: it has many advantages. And again it’s my colleague Uli Baumann who tells you all about facelifts.

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