Alpine a better choice than Aston Martin

Alpine a better choice than Aston Martin

In the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and bad news after bad news, it was a happy change for many Formula 1 fans when Alpine announced that they would be bringing Fernando Alonso back as a driver for next season. The Spaniard left Formula 1 after the 2018 season after several disappointing years at McLaren and due to a lack of prospects. Now the two-time world champion has admitted that Alpine was not the only team with which he has been negotiating a return.

Formula 1, Alonso: I also spoke with Aston Martin

Rumors have long circulated that Fernando Alonso is said to have spoken to Aston Martin midway through last season to potentially leave Alpine for Aston Martin after just one year to replace Sebastian Vettel for the 2022 season. When asked about it, Alonso responded with an interesting answer. .

“I think we talked about 2020 when they were very competitive and fighting for the podium. It didn’t go well and I joined Alpine and I’m happy where I am now,” explained the Spaniard.

Formula 1, Alonso still wants to achieve more with Alpine

The Spaniard is very happy with Alpine’s progress since his return: “I feel fresh and very motivated, I’m very excited for next year, for example what the second year of these rules will bring, we race in Las Vegas, we can race in South Africa, all these things they’re very nice and I’m very fast this year – last year I struggled a bit but I’m at 100%, my head is blocking everything else and I’m focused on F1.”

“My challenge is big here, it is not easy to win when I come back, I am not in one of the three teams. [Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes; d. Red]but I don’t have another challenge in my mind, I don’t have a family so I’m happy where I am,” said the two-time world champion.

The Spaniard was also very motivated: “The reaction is as strong as ever. It was a very physical race [in Frankreich; d. Red] and we talked after the race and I was ready to do another three or four races. There are signs from your body that you raise your hand and say this is too much for me. That was never the case in the car. I always feel so good. But eg in 2018 I had a lot of marketing commitments and a lot of problems, meaning I was overwhelmed mentally, not physically and driving. I am very fresh now. Also travel wise, if you check the calendar, in Singapore I will arrive on Monday, usually not until Tuesday or Wednesday, I would like to spend another day or two in the city. I’m just enjoying it.”