Alpine lied to himself.  Astronomical costs of F1 driver dispute

Alpine lied to himself. Astronomical costs of F1 driver dispute

Alpine lost a legal dispute over Oscar Piastri to McLaren. The team has not only lost a driver, whose development has invested a lot in the last four years, but will also have to pay the costs of the process in front of the contract office in F1.

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Alpine’s recent move to the 2023 lineup is remarkable. The team had long talks with Fernando Alonso, while they were looking for another team for Oscar Piastri. The Spaniard was only given a one-year contract, because the young Australian driver was supposed to return to the stables from Enstone in 2024. However, this plan did not work out.

Alonso realized he would be left without a team next year, so he chose Aston Martin’s offer, which offered him a multi-year contract. Piastri, on the other hand, felt undervalued and reached an agreement with McLaren at the beginning of July. This led to a dispute which was brought before the Formula 1 Convention Bureau (CRB). Alpine insisted that Piastri had an important contract with the team.

On Friday, the CRB ruled that Piastri had the right to sign a contract with McLaren, because the other documents binding him to Alpine are invalid. This is not the only blow to the team from Enstone. The French must also pay the costs of all proceedings and proceedings before the CRB.

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As journalist Dieter Rencken revealed on his blog, the dispute over Piastri will cost Alpine more than 600,000. dollars. The French team should return McLaren in the amount of PLN 265 thousand. dollars, 138 thousand. the legal service dollars come from the driver himself, while the costs of the case before the CRB were estimated at PLN 224,000. dollars.

Why is it so expensive? The F1 contract office is made up of respected lawyers with over 1,000 jobs. dollars per hour of work. The resolution of the Piastri issue took more than 200 hours of various types of meetings and video conferences. As a result, the costs of lawyers working within the CRB were estimated at PLN 224,000. dollars.

There are many signs that this is not the end of the Alpine costs. The French team announced a few days ago that if they lose the dispute over Piastri’s rights, they will sue the driver in court and seek reimbursement for the costs associated with training the Australian in a civil suit. The team from Enstone estimates that in the last four years they spent about 10 million dollars in the development of Piastri’s profession.

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