Alpine suffered a wave of hate after the race in Brazil

Alpine suffered a wave of hate after the race in Brazil

The team from Enstone released their statement regarding the comments from the fans after Saturday’s match in Sao Paulo.

The French team did not succeed in yesterday’s race, because its drivers collided twice on the track, causing great controversy and even a crash. before the judges.

To make matters worse, after a short race that ended 17-18, Esteban Ocon’s car caught fire, thought to be an oil leak.

Such a development of events meant that the posts under Alpine’s profile on social networks could not be positive. However, the team decided that the line of decency had been crossed.

– Regardless of what happens on the track, there is no excuse for writing hateful and venomous comments, or insulting our drivers, team members, fans or anyone else on the internet.

– Of all the comments that appeared on our social channels after the sprint, 882 entries were toxic and 162 of them even very toxic. This is totally unacceptable.

– What we encountered today is unfortunately not a single incident. We may still see hate and bigotry on the internet, but as a band we will not tolerate it. We will take action against individuals and groups who create and distribute posts that encourage attacks against players, staff and fans.