Amanda Ives: Teaching — and learning — with Maine Audubon – UMaine News

Amanda Ives: Teaching — and learning — with Maine Audubon – UMaine News

Amanda Ives, an educator with Maine Audubon, has been demonstrating the efficacy of experiential learning in her classroom for years. Through the organization’s school-based programs, Ives has been able to establish a strong connection between students and the natural world.

Ives’ classroom is quite unique compared to traditional learning models. She uses the environment around her to initiate conversation and encourage students to contemplate the ways in which humans interact with nature. Ives believes that this type of learning is essential for students to gain a deeper understanding of the environment and how their actions affect it.

To facilitate this educational process, Ives has developed an array of outdoor activities for students to participate in. These activities have ranged from birdwatching and tree identification to stream sampling and seed collecting. Ives has found that these activities are the perfect way to engage her students and help them understand the importance of conservation.

In addition to her hands-on learning programs, Ives has also implemented various field trips and workshops. Through these, students have had the opportunity to visit a variety of natural sites, such as Mount Desert Island, the Saco River, and the coast of Maine. During these trips, Ives encourages her students to explore and observe the landscape around them.

In addition to providing students with an immersive learning experience, Ives also strives to teach them the values of conservation. She has been actively involved in promoting conservation initiatives within her community, such as the planting of native trees and the installation of bird houses.

Ives has been successful in her teaching endeavors, and her students have become increasingly motivated to support conservation efforts. Through her efforts, Ives has been able to demonstrate the efficacy of experiential learning, and has inspired others to do the same.