Amazing: Jeep’s smallest and cheapest 1,450 kg towable trailer |  Car

Amazing: Jeep’s smallest and cheapest 1,450 kg towable trailer | Car

Although the Renegade is Jeep’s smallest and cheapest model, it can handle a trailer of up to 1,450 kg. This little Jeep is also nice and stubborn in other respects.

The Renegade has been around since 2014, but the latest innovation brought a revised powertrain. That’s good news, because it doesn’t just make the Renegade 1.5T E-Hybrid a surprisingly good tractor. A new 130 hp/96 kW four-cylinder petrol engine is combined to support the electric drive: this is a so-called mild hybrid.

So the car doesn’t have a plug and it’s not that it has a big battery with which you can drive kilometers entirely on electricity. This Jeep almost always needs its gasoline engine to move forward. But the electric assist along with the seven-speed automatic transmission makes the Renegade 15 percent more economical than the previous generation, which still had a 1.0-liter gasoline engine.

Jeep Renegade © Jeep

Angular body like the classic Jeeps

Although this Jeep shares its technical base with the Fiat 500X and is also built in Italy, it has a lot of character. The angular body and slightly upright windshield are typical of Jeeps. We also see the co-driver’s handle on the dashboard. In the shape of the windshield you will be amazed by the silhouette of the original Jeep and the design of the rear light resembles the jerry can that used to hang on the back of the famous off-road vehicle. The correct Jeep grill and headlights can also be seen on the speakers located inside the doors.

Infotainment does not need to be needed and climate control – very useful – its control panel. The rectangular body means you can easily reach the back seat and have enough headroom there. This also applies to legroom, which is certainly sufficient given the size of the car. But the luggage space is not enough more than 351 liters: some competitors offer more.

A soldier is not one of the quietest people

Once on the road, the Renegade has solid handling, adequate suspension comfort, excellent handling and, above all, great maneuverability. The compact size has its advantages, if only when parking. It’s just a noisy power train plus wind noise doesn’t make it one of the quietest. The Renegade 1.5T E-Hybrid is priced from €33,900. That’s cheaper than the same car as the plug-in hybrid 4Xe, which is on the list price from € 42,000.

Jeep Renegade © Jeep

Jeep Renegade
Jeep Renegade © Jeep