AMB 001 PRO, when Aston Martin and Brough Superior team up for a 225 HP motorcycle – News

AMB 001 PRO, when Aston Martin and Brough Superior team up for a 225 HP motorcycle – News

The second iteration of the collaboration between Aston Martin and Brough Superior: the AMB 001 PRO is based on the Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercar. Limited production of 88 units, not approved for road use.

November 16, 2022

Stand the power of 183 horsepower at a weight of 185 kg (dry) of the first Aston Martin – Brough Superior AMB 001 has not yet satisfied you, now comes the second result of two of the most advanced manufacturers: the AMB 001 PRO which will start the new engine billet aluminum crankcase presented, together with the Brough Superior innovation, at EICMA 2022. The announced performance of the twin cylinder supercharged 997 cc with variable geometry turbine is exciting: thanks to a 25% increase in power compared to its predecessor, it reaches 225 HP which brings the power-to-weight ratio to 1.28 HP/kg, similar to that of a Formula One car, and in which we find improved solutions such as a gear transmission/chain of four valves per cylinder and a V of 88 degrees; The gearbox is 6-speed and the bike is not approved for road use.

LThe publication combines the colors of Aston Martin supercars and tells you some amazing details, let’s look at the Aston Martin “lacewing” badge designed for the cars in the program. Aston Martin Valkyrie: made of chemically etched aluminum and is 99.4% lighter than standard enamel Brand logo: at only 70 microns thick, it is 30% thinner than a human hair.

There AMB 001 PRO it has a bodywork with aerodynamic attachments and a front spoiler and side wings, a lenticular rear edge, extensive use of carbon fiber that brings weight 175 kg dry. The 17-inch wheels are worn with 120/70 and 200/55 tires, the braking system consists of a pair of 320 mm discs at the front (with four radial mount calipers) and a single 230 mm disc at the front. behind.

THEThe suspension department sees a fork up front, with a Fior design, in CNC machined aluminum with a single shock absorber adjustable in preload and rebound for 112 mm of travel, while at the rear there is a more conventional but less refined swingarm in aluminum of billet , resting on the engine crankcase, with a monoshock absorber with adjustable preload and rebound acting through a continuous link: 124 mm is the guaranteed wheel travel.

AMB 001 PRO availability is limited 88 examples, 148,900 euros the asking price works with and without taxes: The previous AMB 001s delivered in 2019 have been sold and we imagine that this other unique proposition will also see a “sale” in no time.