AMG GT 63 S driver dangles from 41 police cars and a helicopter: The dark side of the star: a furious chase – News – Mercedes fans

AMG GT 63 S driver dangles from 41 police cars and a helicopter: The dark side of the star: a furious chase – News – Mercedes fans

Anyone who is a true MIB usually just drives a Mercedes with joy and passion for the Mercedes-Benz brand. Mercedes fans want to experience great adventures behind the wheel. They have no evil in mind. On the one hand. On the other hand. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of the first car brand is that some modern people abuse the good performance of AMG sports cars for stupid things and criminal activities. An amazing case of how the AMG Driving Performance can be used for dangerous and dangerous behavior took place last weekend. The driver of a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S, whose name has not yet been revealed, allowed himself to be chased by 41 patrol cars and a police helicopter that was speeding up to 300 km/h.

How the wrong track driver got away with the AMG GT 63 S

Due to the traffic control on the night from Friday to Saturday on the federal highway 81, in the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen junction area, congestion was created on the transition from the federal highway 10 coming from Stuttgart. The driver of a black Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S then turned his car around 12:55 am and returned to the other direction of travel to the B 10 towards Stuttgart. Did he not want to wait or did he want to avoid being investigated? The wrong way driver was reported to the police through an emergency call. The B10 was immediately checked by the police, but the four-door AMG sports car was nowhere to be seen. An immediate inspection of the B 10 by the police, the Mercedes could no longer be seen. A patrol from the Ludwigsburg Traffic Police then became aware of a Mercedes on the A81 towards Heilbronn that matched the description. The Mercedes was supposed to be escorted off the autobahn for inspection, but the driver of the 639 hp Mercedes did not follow the instructions of the patrol car crew and sped off towards Heilbronn. The patrol car could not follow, but could still see that the fugitive had taken the autobahn in the opposite direction at the Mundelsheim junction. The police car also turned around at the Mundelsheim junction and resumed following the A81. When the driver saw the police car behind him, he sped off.

At the same time, several patrol cars tried to catch the fugitive in a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S – but that was unsuccessful because the fugitive drove at an estimated speed of around 300 km / h. A police helicopter which has meanwhile taken off has now taken part in the search. At around 1:50 am, the AMG driver left the autobahn, parked the sports car in Mühlhausen and continued to run on foot. What he couldn’t do by driving, he did on foot. Although police forces were alerted and searched, the fugitive could not be found. By the way: Although the Mercedes-AMG G63 S was seized by the police, they have not been able to identify the driver until now (as of January 23, 2023, 3:30 pm).

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