Among the drivers there is a hunt for the manager: “You are speculators, prices go up”

Among the drivers there is a hunt for the manager: “You are speculators, prices go up”

“40 minutes to get to Milan, 45 minutes in line to get petrol, 48 hours of strike. I play the trino”, comments the grizzled driver of Alfa Romeo Stelvio at the gas station in piazzale Udine. The third full number would be 24, but the potential player could not yet know that the initials of the gas stations would stop the strike.

“We did it for the drivers, certainly not for the government,” they say. But the biggest sensation, circulating in the streets of the Lombard capital, is that the drivers do not feel this grace on their skin. There is a combination of hunting down smugglers and criticizing the government for not reducing the popular tax. But many people met point the finger more at the managers.

“The strike is pure nonsense. Everyone gets petrol first and it doesn’t bother anyone. Wasting time in the Italian style pretending to resist», Ilario tells us about the 125 Sh scooter saddle. And there is some truth in his sentence. Because yesterday was for all intents and purposes a normal day in terms of traffic. Very few queues at the vending machines remained open. The crowd, although controlled, took place on 24 January and this is confirmed by the petrol station attendant at the IP Lambro highway station in the north. “From the morning we worked twice as hard until midnight, collecting 7 thousand euros more than a normal day – the employee tells us – Many private people have gathered here. They added fuel in an amount not exceeding 40-50 euros, they increased in fear of running out of water ».

The same film in the stations of San Donato Ovest and Cinisello Nord. “Many drivers have condemned the government, some are angry with us as a group because they think we always get money from the prices,” say two gas stations. “The problem is that many think we made this mess so that we don’t show the average price,” explains Alessandro, one of the gas station attendants who joined the strike. A passer-by enters the discussion and replies: «First go on strike, then raise the price two days before and then call off the strike. Shame on you”.

Alfonso, from the seat of a gray Land Rover Velar, comments: «Diesel from 1.839 to 1.899. Do I have to agree with Meloni that they are scammers? The same thoughts as Anna who, driving a white Lancia Y, comments: “Yesterday at the open service station the price was 1.91 per liter. More than a strike, it seems to me a rumor». “Yesterday someone opened with diesel at 2.30 and then they stopped strike You deserve evil», roars Ilario inside the Citroen C3 Aircross. Angelo, a washerman and owner of a blue Fiat Scudo, approaches. He listens for a while and then says: “With the queues I’ve seen, they can stay untied for a week without losing”. The tenor of the comment is this. “The victims of the strike were us unfortunate travelers with small tanks,” says Alessio, sitting in a Toyota Yaris. Today it is back to normal. At least until the next strike.