An electric successor to the XT4 is being tested, but Cadillac hasn’t announced it yet?

An electric successor to the XT4 is being tested, but Cadillac hasn’t announced it yet?

There were rumors for a while, but no official announcement came: Cadillac XT4 SUV will receive an electric counterpart. To prove it there will be a video shared by the YouTube channel CarSpyMedia showing a car, covered in nature, driving around the streets of America.

Obviously, there is currently no information about the car from Cadillac, but the video shows some important details. First of all it is Fake grille without slits, which would indicate the power supply. Moreover, when passing, the car does not make any noise except that of the wheels moving on the wet surface.

The front lights take the design adopted for SUV Lyriq, the first electric car of the American company, which in turn is very reminiscent of the solution also adopted on the XT4. Likewise, even the rear light clusters seem reminiscent of the XT4’s that run parallel to the rear window..

In short, it looks like the time has come to introduce a small SUV into Cadillac’s EV lineup, although it’s surprising that the announcement has come late. The house was already expecting that a compact SUV would complete the lineup, but it is only expected at the end of 2024. In this case, however, it appears that the car is ready for sale.

Like the ads, Lyriq’s delivery is also nervous: the units sold are exclusive 122, due to delivery delays due to very strict quality control. Despite that, however, however, the company insisted that the upgrade is proceeding according to schedule.

However Rory HarveyCadillac’s vice president, had said that Cadillac was ready to be released Three new EVs excluding the Celestiq, a new $300,000 electric flagship. At this point it is reasonable to think that the next to enter the market is the XT4 electric twin, the most compact SUV in the range.