An exciting find!  Chevrolet Corvette saw the light of day after 40 years (video)

An exciting find! Chevrolet Corvette saw the light of day after 40 years (video)

Such discoveries are always exciting. We are always amazed that someone can hide such a valuable and beautiful car in such circumstances. There have been hundreds of such incidents.

This time the protagonist is the Chevrolet Corvette C3 of 1968. The company Junkyard Life was involved in the action, which witnessed its evacuation (the small building was in danger of collapsing).

As usual in such cases, it all started with the realization of a dream. Unfortunately, the ending was not very clear, because it involved a conflict with the authorities. The character we will base this material on is the original owner Mike, also known as “Big Block Mike”.

As a high school student, he worked at a nearby dealership at a dealership that sold this particular model of Chevrolet. After collecting the correct amount, he decided to go to the seller and start negotiations. He bought his dream car for $2,900.

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Chevrolet Corvette in the open version of the body hid a seven-liter V8 engine. Mike eagerly used his acquisition by participating in more or less public meetings. He was considered the owner of the fastest car in the city.

His popularity also reached the police, who had to keep an eye on his person. Rumors claim that there was a search where the officers failed and failed to arrest the suspected driver. That’s when Mike decided to hide his car and stay out of town for a while.

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Once things calmed down, Mike was back to normal, but he couldn’t risk getting rid of his car. Thus, the beautiful Chevrolet Corvette was isolated from the outside world for more than four decades.

Finally managed to remove it and start the recovery process. So it’s highly likely that Mike will get back behind the wheel of his machine. It’s just a pity it’s so late.