Tesla won’t like this: Chevrolet is on the offensive and offers a “cheap convertible”. The Chevy Equinox EV is said to cost just $30,000. Many premium features are already part of the standard package.

Against Tesla: Chevy Equinox EV announced

Tesla is getting new and cheaper competition in the US. As Chevrolet just announced, the Chevy Equinox EV in the standard version from 30,000 US dollars available Unlike the competition, other premium features do not cost extra but are already part of the package. In addition to the heating of the seat and the steering wheel, even the heating of the windscreen wiper is included. Customers should not be asked to pay separately for parking assistance and a lane departure warning system.

In comparison, Teslas are more expensive:

According to the manufacturer, the all-electric Chevy Equinox EV should be based on a Distance 480 km come on Charging capacity is up to 150 kW, assuming a suitable fast charger. After ten minutes at the charging station, a distance of more than 110 km should be provided. Chevrolet offers a battery warranty of eight years or around 160,000 km.

According to the manufacturer, the Chevy Equinox EV will not be less than that the most affordable model in the compact SUV segment action. Despite the low price, customers should not do without comfort. Electric cars are spacious, comfortable and safe. The infotainment system can be found on a 17.7-inch horizontal display (source: Chevy)

Chevrolet wants the Chevy Equinox EV in the year 2024 make it available. A more precise release date was not given.

You can find out in the video if it is worth buying an electronic car:

Chevrolet: Lessons to learn from past mistakes?

Chevrolet’s efforts in the EV market have been rocky so far. Chevy Bolt changed into one in 2020 security risk, when the battery of some cars caught fire. The recall of 68,000 electric vehicles followed.