And again the Spyker car brand is starting again.  Does it work now?

And again the Spyker car brand is starting again. Does it work now?

I just arrived at Aaldering’s classic in Brummen: Spyker C8 4.2 Laviolette LM85. Year of construction 2009, mileage 7651. Price: negotiable. The orange and black sports car is the first of an announced series of 24 cars, of which only 14 were built. ‘As of this writing, Spyker’s parent company has gone bankrupt’, Aaldering adds on his website. Accompanied by the obscene sentence: ‘Former CEO Victor Muller has maintained that it is only a matter of time before this Dutch sports car company is revived.’

And yes, according to Spyker, that time has come. Again. After Spyker was declared bankrupt for the second time in early 2021, the company is now reporting that owner Muller has found investors to revive the brand. The announcement of this deal has been on the Spykercars website since August 2020, but the company claims that things are now moving forward.

There is no doubt that Spyker has had a very bad few years, but with new investors on board and the new Spyker Group, those days are over and Spyker will return as a major player in the premium sports car market. statement.

Three new models

The car company (originally founded in 1880 by Hilversum coachbuilders Hendrik-Jan and Jacobus Spijker) is registered as a British private company (Spyker Ltd.) with headquarters in Luxembourg. The three models announced should go into production this year. These are Spyker C8 Preliator, D8 Peking-to-Paris SSUV and B6 Venator. The car chassis must be built in Russia, the technology comes from Germany and the assembly must take place in Holland, as before. Spyker says this is done to “pay tribute to the brand’s legacy and effectively utilize the remaining workforce of Spyker’s professional staff.”

And the desires don’t end there. According to the report, new service centers will be opened near the borders of Belgium, France and Luxembourg and in the French Côte d’Azur. The brand will want to show itself where the rich live; The new Spyker costs an average of more than five tons.

Victor Müller.ANP’s photo

Back cover of a rich Russian man

Victor Muller, who previously unsuccessfully attempted a rescue with the Swedish brand Saab, would remain in charge of the company. Spyker receives financial support from Russian tycoon Boris Rotenberg and his business partner Mikhail Pessis. According to Spyker, the agreement was signed in Utrecht on December 20.

But what is the value of the agreement, Robert van den Oever wonders. He and his partner Maarten van der Pas wrote several books about Victor Muller’s adventures with Saab and Spyker. Events that ultimately ended in arrogance or mismanagement. “Given Muller’s history, this looks like another commitment to bring Spyker back,” says Van den Oever. “The Spyker company only exists on paper. No production, no employees, nothing. The bankruptcy is not even resolved yet. Muller may even lose the trademark rights. Spyker also does not mention the amount anywhere. So what is this worth?”

Spyker co-investor and collector Boris Rotenberg is also a skeptic. Putin’s confidant has been mentioned in the Panama Papers and is on the American blacklist due to the Crimean crisis. It seems that Muller and his business partners are holding against their better judgment to Spyker’s motto: ‘There is no road impassable with patience’. Van den Oever: “But I think the hole is closer than the future.”

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