And smuggled (luxury) cars around the country: Ferrari and Audi are caught in Copertino

And smuggled (luxury) cars around the country: Ferrari and Audi are caught in Copertino

OfClaudius Tadicini

A husband and wife reported for not paying “border fees”: they declared that they were residents of Switzerland, but it was not true.

Around the city streets and luxury car smuggling. And complaints and shocks to block one is caused Ferrari F8 Tributo and of aAudi Q8.
The operation was completed in the last few hours by the sponsors of the Tenenza of Porto Cesareo, who accused the two spouses from Copertino, which is considered the crime of “trafficking of goods in land borders and space customs”, if they failed to pay the so-called “border duties” “.

Investigation between Italy and Switzerland, cars worth 350,000 euros

According to the yellow fire investigation – which conducted the investigation in cooperation with the Swiss judicial authorities and the Chiasso Police and Customs Cooperation Center – the husband and wife. they would not be able to benefit from tax and VAT exemptionestimated at 85 thousand euros, because they never lived in Switzerland.
Ferrari I F8 Tributo and Audi D Q8 50 Tdi, worth around 250,000 and 100,000 euros respectively, were introduced and used in the Italian territory from 2023. Both, as mentioned, were seized.

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April 19, 2024