Android Automotive finds video apps

Android Automotive finds video apps

Google got things started in January with the use of the YouTube Charging Volvo XC40 app, and in March it was announced that Android Automotive would soon receive general support for video apps. The May update is here.

Android Automotive now has video apps

With version 22.15 of Google Play Services, which was updated yesterday, you will be able to install video apps on a car running Android Automotive. In addition to the Volvo XC40 electronics, this currently includes only the Polestar 2.


Support for the installation and use of video streaming software in car vehicle information systems via Android Automotive.

No video programs have yet been announced, at least I haven’t heard of it happening yet. Theoretically, however, you will soon be able to stream Netflix, Disney +, and more on a fast charger while charging.

Video programs are designed to work while driving, that would be illegal. In any case, during the payment process I find something like this good and I used it more often on electric test cars (if possible).

Android Automotive is changing

However, this is also a major advantage of Android Automotive, because it is more complex for brands like Volkswagen. And not only that, they should also convince developers, which is easier for Google.

Android Automotive started quietly, but the system continues to improve. By the way, Tesla also has games, and I could think of something like that in Android Automotive in the near future.

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