Andy Serkis Talks 'Luther: The Fallen Sun', Going Head-to-Head … – Collider

Andy Serkis Talks 'Luther: The Fallen Sun', Going Head-to-Head … – Collider

Andy Serkis, the renowned British actor-director, recently sat down with Collider to discuss his upcoming film, “Luther: The Fallen Sun”. In this epic saga, Serkis plays the titular character, a fallen angel whose fateful mission is to save humanity from an impending apocalypse.

The actor-director discussed the challenges of portraying such a complex, multi-faceted character. He noted that the most difficult part was to capture the inner turmoil and struggle that Luther experiences on his journey. Serkis explained that the character has a unique combination of rage and sorrow, and he wanted to make sure those emotions were conveyed effectively onscreen.

Serkis also discussed the technical aspects of bringing the character to life. He noted that the production team utilized a combination of motion capture and facial recognition technology to accurately convey Luther’s facial expressions and body language. Serkis explained that this technology enabled him to bring out the nuances of the character’s inner world and convey the full range of emotions that he experiences.

The actor-director also discussed the importance of collaboration in the filmmaking process. He emphasized the need to work together to create a unified vision and bring the characters to life. Serkis pointed out that the cast and crew had to come together to ensure that the film captured the spirit of the story.

Finally, Serkis discussed the themes of the film. He explained that the movie explores the concept of faith and how it can be used to overcome adversity. He noted that the film is ultimately a story of hope and redemption, and he hopes it will inspire viewers to believe in themselves and their own potential.

In sum, Andy Serkis provided an in-depth look at his work on “Luther: The Fallen Sun”. He discussed the complexity of the character, the technical aspects of bringing him to life, the need for collaboration on the filmmaking process, and the themes of faith and hope. Serkis’ insights provide an illuminating look into the creative process and the power of cinema.