Animators Recommendations |  January 2023

Animators Recommendations | January 2023

I won’t lie when I say that I spent hours and hours thinking about the subject matter anime recommendations Of this month. It’s the beginning of the year, so what would you recommend this time? Romance? Well, it was November already… shonen? isekai? No, most of those are already out there.

I wanted something different, something new, to also start this new year 2023 that is in front of us. Recently, I remembered something, which is not usually remembered in this kind of anime guides, which is the kind that moves us psychologically: whether it’s scary, whether it’s just excitement that haunts us in an inexplicable way.

So, I want you to start the year in the best way, so I recommend two of the best animation works ever created, by the hands of the masters. Satoshi Kon and Hideaki Anno. Anyone who knows the names certainly also knows that the work, which is clearly a film Perfect Blueand Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Perfect Blue (1997)

All fans of anime classics surely know this masterpiece Satoshi Kon. Perfect Blue is recognized by many not only as the anime it supposedly inspired black swanthe movie that got it Natalie Portman Oscar Award for Best Actress in 2011, but also as the best psychological thriller ever created! For those who do not know the work, Perfect Blue follows the story of Mima Kirigoe, a pop singer from the band CHAM!, who decides to become an actress, with a crime drama series as her first project.

Many fans are angry with his decision, and one of them, who is attracted to Mima, starts stalking him and sending him messages, calling him a “traitor”. Deciding to ignore such facts, he is worried about his character in the series, who will be kidnapped in one of the episodes. Unaware of the possibility of being affected by the incident, Mima is traumatized and begins to be unable to distinguish truth from lies. But his biggest problem begins when his co-workers are killed, and the evidence points to itself.


I believe that the most “powerful” factor that raised this film to the level it is is the effect of tricking the audience. Satoshi Kon I didn’t want it to be just Mima who felt confused, but also the person watching the movie. At times, it is difficult to know if what we see in the film is really happening, or if it is just an illusion, something that Mima’s mind creates to torture her. Until the end of the film, which I certainly do not call a “spoiler”, it follows the same pattern, leaving us completely confused, and wondering: “But what happened?”.

To create this illusion, the audio and visual aspects of the film are absolutely essential. Not only the wonderful sound, which shows the difference between happy pop songs (representative of Mima’s years as a singer / idol) and the so-called “restless” songs, which torment anyone who watches the film, but also every detail of the film. Mima’s house, all the environments she goes through, especially the sets on which she shoots the sequence in which she is an actress, all this helps this film to be the animated (and psychological horror) that it is.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

Okay, no pressure, but… here is my #1 animation of all time: evangelion! Despite being more than “old”, this one comes straight from 1995, this anime has been inspiring all generations of anime, even today. What seems to be another mecha anime, a very popular genre at that time due to the appearance of Mobile Suit GundamIt is truly the greatest story ever made about depression, parental neglect, and human connection.

Although it is difficult to connect the main story of evangelionbecause of its complexity, I leave a summary that can give a small look on the surface of the “ice” that this anime is:

Num um mundo pós apocalíptico, uma organização militar chamada NERV é criada para combater seres monstruosos denominados de Anjos. A NERV resolve utilizar seres gigantes chamados Unidades Evangelion (ou EVAs). Estes seres são controlados por adolescentes, recrutados pelo ano em que nasceram, quando ocorreu o Segundo Impacto, conhecido como o início do fim.

Well… before you start questioning what Second Impact is, or what EVA actually is, I have to say that this is one of those animes that has to be seen to be understood. Also because the importance of Evangelion does not come directly from its very complex story, but from its characters: the relationship between Shinji, Asuka, Kaworu … that yes, this was the true goal of the master. Hideaki Anno when creating this masterpiece of animation, giving importance to the emotions of the characters, and not ending the story about saving humanity from extinction (also because the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion nor does he give a “correct” ending to his story).

I could be here all day talking about this: how to see first The beginning of Neonthen look The end of Evangelionthen look It rebuildsread mango, and so on… However, I don’t think many words are needed to describe this work of science fiction: you have to see for yourself, there is no other way. I can only say that, despite being “old”, the animation is excellent for its time, and even today it is a milestone in the history of the animated series. Also the song is… well, I just have to say that it’s great Shiro Sagisu he made a life’s work with the songs of evangelion (and not just popular the opening what I’m talking about). So you can see, as I write this article, I am listening soundtrack… I never thought that a mecha anime would have such an impact on my life.