Anker wouldn’t ship to Rhode Island, until John Del Sesto stepped in

Anker wouldn’t ship to Rhode Island, until John Del Sesto stepped in

John Del Sesto, a Rhode Islander and avid consumer of cutting-edge electronics, was dismayed when he discovered that Anker, a leading manufacturer of charging cables and other digital accessories, would not ship to his state. Refusing to be deterred, Del Sesto launched an aggressive campaign to persuade the company to change its policy.

In the face of Del Sesto’s tenacity, Anker eventually relented. After months of negotiations, the firm recently announced that it would begin shipping to Rhode Island. For Del Sesto, the news was welcome validation that his efforts had paid off.

Del Sesto’s crusade began shortly after he learned of Anker’s policy. He quickly made it his mission to make the company change its stance. To do this, he sought out Anker’s customer service team and began engaging with them on a personal level. He also took to social media, where he regularly posted about his plight and tagged Anker in his posts.

His efforts were met with a steady stream of rejections and polite refusals, but Del Sesto was undeterred. He persisted, drawing support from other Rhode Islanders who shared his frustration. He also reached out to the media, hoping to draw attention to his cause.

In the end, his persistence paid off. Anker acknowledged the groundswell of support and agreed to open up shipping to Rhode Island.

Del Sesto’s victory is a testament to the power of passion and determination. Thanks to his efforts, Rhode Islanders now have access to Anker’s range of cutting-edge products. His success also serves as a reminder that, even in the face of rejection, it is possible to advocate for what one believes in.