Announcement: Nine Donaueschingen car dealers are emerging – Donaueschingen and the surrounding area

Announcement: Nine Donaueschingen car dealers are emerging – Donaueschingen and the surrounding area

Two owners of the Mitsubishi Erndle car dealership in the industrial area: Jürgen (left) and Roland Erndle. Photo: Limberger

Nine car dealers with their cars will take part in this year’s major spring festival in Donaueschingen next Sunday, May 15.

Donaueschingen – There were talks with the owners of Autohaus Ford, Mitsubishi Erndle and Honda Greuner about the last two years in which no car show could have taken place because of the tragedy. The experience of the owners of the company in 2020 was different: uncertainty, sales stopped in the first few weeks, customer communication over the phone, online advice, monthly house closures – everything was there in the first few months of Corona. What all three of them emphasize is the fact that the ongoing workshop works have been very helpful in the new financial situation and that many regular clients have remained loyal to their businesses even in difficult times.

Finally maintain communication again

Everyone is happy that dry has failed, that they can meet more people again on Sunday, maintain communication and present their new models. “Finally the audience again,” was one of the keynote speakers, seeking to restore order.

Electric vehicles and hybrid versions are still very popular, demand is good, the only problem: long delivery time. Small cars as well as SUVs are needed, and Jürgen Erndle sees the question “What car do I need in my daily life?” as an important element. Robert Greuner points out that Honda was the pioneer of hybrid cars, the first hybrid production car was introduced in 1996.

Description: Participating car dealers

This car dealership participates in a car showroom in Donaueschingen: Mitsubishi Autohaus Erndle, Autohaus Ford Albert, Autohaus Honda Greuner, Autohaus an der Breg, Autohaus Südstern-Bölle, Autowelt Schuler, Autohaus Berg, ahg Autohandelgesellschaha BachW and OG.

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