Annual sponsorship and additional trade of 500 euros in ‘Occasion Sensation’ Zeeuw & Zeeuw Woerden [ingezonden mededeling]

Annual sponsorship and additional trade of 500 euros in ‘Occasion Sensation’ Zeeuw & Zeeuw Woerden [ingezonden mededeling]

WOERDEN • In Zeeuw & Zeeuw Ford Woerden always love good action. That is why a Ford dealer is currently preparing an ‘Occasion Sensation’ offer. When you buy a used car, you now receive a standard 12-month warranty and also receive € 500 more instead of the current car.

An added benefit is that you can drive faster in your new car, which is also a great advantage in today’s times and long delivery times. Area manager Elbert van Voorden has bought in bulk especially for this offer. In Woerden you can find a variety of youth events.

Many brands, but not many brands
Zeeuw & Zeeuw has several branches with various car brands, including Ford; Nissan, Renault, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Dacia. However, it is common for Zeeuw & Zeeuw that each branch is specialized in brand 1. So the Woerden branch is a real Ford dealer. So you won’t find Renault there.

“Or it must be an event. Because we provide every label in the area,” says branch manager Elbert van Voorden. “My colleagues and I have something for the Ford brand. Not just our job but for many also their hobby. †

Elbert: “Ford is very different. You can buy a very” fuel “car, the Mustang for example. If you want a car that matches your company’s sustainable vision, you can look for an electric one. you go for a used Ford Focus.The brand is generally very cheap.

In addition, Ford has good customers; they are often accessible people who are in the middle of a community. That also applies to my personality. ” The love for brand has grown in Elbert for many years. “When I came here for job training 12 years ago, I thought: a good start. In the future I would like to work for the first edition, but the funny thing is: now I don’t want anything else.

Zeeuw & Zeeuw Ford Woerden
Not only does Elbert and his team turn out to be Ford favorites. Customers knew where to find Zeeuw and Zeeuw in recent years. So the branch has grown a lot. Elbert: “I’m so proud of that.” According to the manager, the reason the Woerden branch works so well is a combination of responding to customer needs and expectations and building trust.

“For example, we often make videos for the client when we encounter things during service. In the video we show what can go wrong and how we want to fix it or change it. That comes in much different than when you call and say: “Brake discs need to be replaced.” It is always highly esteemed and builds trust. ”

Geurt Mouthaan

Editor / Photographer Het Kontakt Alblasserwaard and Also involved in Het Contact Media (Special Products).