Another 100% electric car from Toyota, the bZ1X model, must have an engine and battery designed only for big cities.

Another 100% electric car from Toyota, the bZ1X model, must have an engine and battery designed only for big cities.

An “unofficial” estimate of what Toyota’s electric car, the bZ1X, will look like (Image: Motorshow)

The BZ1X is a small car with an electric motor, announced by Toyota mainly for use in cities and will have major competitors like the Renault Kwid and some compact electric models from VW.

Toyota revealed in late 2021 its intention to launch 16 new electric vehicles, including Toyota and Lexus, in various shapes and sizes. Among these models, the bZ1X 100% electric vehicle stands out, a small electric crossover that follows in the footsteps of the bZ4X, which has already been revealed and will be available on the market next year.

Although there is still no official confirmation, according to the MotorShow website, it is possible that the bZ1X will be released in early 2023 and put into production at the end of the same year. The prediction is that this model will be sold to the public in 2024 and may even reach the Brazilian market.

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The bZ1X is a compact car with an electric motor, specially designed for use in cities. Its competitors include, among others, smaller ones electric cars planned to be produced by the Volkswagen group from 2025 with the Renault Kwid.

During the announcement of Toyota’s electric cars, the original description by Toyoda, the CEO of the Japanese car company, when announcing the bZ1X was “A 100% electric car with a pleasant cabin and that we strive to achieve energy efficiency of 125 watt hours per kilometer“.

The brand’s intention is that the BZ1X is designed to provide an energy efficiency of 125 watt hours per kilometer, which means that it is an efficient car with low energy consumption. With that, it can be the best choice for people looking for an electric car for daily use in cities, because of its fuel economy and zero emissions.

The design of Toyota’s electric car is described as “angular and multi-dimensional” and appears to be designed with “detailed sculpture”. It will have four doors and should share its design with its European internal combustion sibling, the Aygo X. From its details, it is possible that the bZ1X has a modern and attractive design, which stands out among other compact electric cars on the market. .

The price of Toyota’s new electric car has not yet been revealed, but it is possible to make an estimate compared to other electric cars available in the market.

Toyota has yet to release official pricing information for the bZ1X. Since the car has not been officially launched yet, there is no official prediction for this news. However, the site car shows makes an estimate, in comparison with other electric cars on the market today, and recommends that Toyota’s electric car should be under R$100,000 in Europe and around R$200,000 in Brazil..

The prices of small electric cars vary greatly depending on many factors such as brand, battery capacity, features and available resources. However, the bZ1X is expected to be competitively priced with other similar electric vehicles on the market.

It is important to note that the price of bZ1X may also vary depending on the country or region where it is sold, due to differences in taxes and government incentives. In some countries, electric cars can be more expensive due to high taxes, as in Brazil, while in other countries, they can be cheaper due to government incentives.