Another company with the help of Volkswagen Financial Services is improving its fleet with electric vehicles – the RES industry in Poland.

Another company with the help of Volkswagen Financial Services is improving its fleet with electric vehicles – the RES industry in Poland.

According to the Electromobility Meter of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, at the end of June 2022, 50,990 electric vehicles (passenger and utility vehicles) were driving on Polish roads. It can be noted that every year companies decide to introduce this type of vehicles to the fleet more voluntarily. This is due to increased environmental concerns and greater awareness of the effects of climate change. Similarly, the European Parliament, which recently voted to reduce the permitted CO2 emissions of new cars by 100%. This means that from 2035 new combustion vehicles will not be allowed to be registered in the European Union.

The green revolution begins in ships

An example of a company that has decided to modernize its fleet and replace some of its internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles is the AMBRA Group – a leading producer, importer and distributor of wine. The lease agreement for the supply of electricians, sponsored by Volkswagen Financial Services and based on financing obtained under the “My Electrician” program, provides for the delivery of 15 Kia EV6 and 16 Kia Niro EVs. Some of the cars were handed over in July, others will be delivered at the end of 2022. The dealer responsible for the contract is KIA Eforia owned by the Polish Group of Dealers (PGD).

The AMBRA Group has so far had 140 Volkswagen and ŠKODA internal combustion vehicles, so replacing part of the fleet with 31 electric vehicles means that the company’s fleet in almost 30 percent. will be zero. Furthermore, AMBRA Group is not ruling out further investment in electricity.

– “As Volkswagen Financial Services, the leader of the leasing and CFM market in Poland, for many years we have been focusing on cooperative relations with our customers, providing them with modern solutions, and also supporting them regularly in their e-mobility, as shown by the collaboration with the AMBRA Group. The development of the fleet of cars and electric vehicles is a contribution to the conversation about a better world, respect for the climate, but also a greater responsibility for one’s actions. We are proud that the green revolution is taking place with our participation” – says Dr. Daniel Trzaskowski, director of digital sales and fleet at Volkswagen Financial Services.

“My Electrician” as an opportunity for an electric car and additional payment

From November last year you can apply for financing for electric vehicles under the “My Electrician” program. Volkswagen Financial Services was one of the first companies on the market to sign an agreement with Ochrony Środowiska Bank – an institution responsible for the distribution of funds. VW FS provides customers with full assistance in completing the application and processing it. The co-financing received can be fully calculated as your own payment, which reduces the cost of the monthly lease installment – depending on the car model and lease criteria, it can be as low as several hundred zlotys.

– “By deciding to modernize our fleet with electric vehicles, we wanted to use the best solutions on the market. We awarded the financing of the contract to Volkswagen Financial Services because of the existence of the “My Electrician” program and the fact that it provided us with suitable solutions that are in line with our zero emission strategy “ – says Piotr Kaźmierczak, Vice President of the Management Board of AMBRA SA

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