Another expensive BMW with a car key was stolen in the Landshut district

Another expensive BMW with a car key was stolen in the Landshut district

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, another BMW X6 was allegedly stolen near Buch am Erlbach in the area of ​​Aibacher Straße and Steinbergfeld (Landshut district). Police are now asking for information from witnesses.

According to the police, according to the current investigation, unknown persons stole a white BMW X6 car by overturning the function of the key. The car was parked locked in the driveway and the original keys were still with the owner of the car. The BMW is worth around 30,000 euros. Investigators are now looking into a possible connection to recent car thefts.

Seeking witnesses

The police ask witnesses who observed suspicious behavior (eg people or vehicles) in the area of ​​Aibacher Straße and Steinbergfeld on Monday from 11 pm to Tuesday, around 12:30 am, to contact the Landshut Kripo on Telephone Number 0871/92520. or any other police station.

Tips for protecting yourself against thieves using the Keyless Go feature

Never put the key near the front door or apartment door or try to shield the radio waves by using appropriate measures (eg aluminum covers). Do a self-test beforehand. If the car does not unlock only when you hold the “security” button next to the car door then thieves will not have a chance to use this technology cleverly.

When you get out of the car, be careful of people with backpacks in your vicinity. These can be professional car thieves.

Ask your vehicle manufacturer if comfort access can be temporarily disabled for your vehicle. Some manufacturers provide a function on the key to disable the keyless function completely by pressing the lock button on the key twice. Ask your specialist workshop what options are available specifically for your vehicle.

There are also cases without radios for keyless entry. This means that thieves cannot transmit the radio key over long distances.

– jmu