Another victory for Tesla.  He lost access to the car because of the battery

Another victory for Tesla. He lost access to the car because of the battery

Mario Zelaya is not a happy Tesla owner. A brand new car, which he bought in 2013 for 140 thousand dollars, always causes problems. But the last video posted last week via TikTok went viral with almost 15 million views.

The owner said his Tesla was completely shut down due to a battery fault.

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Repair of Tesla will cost 20 thousand. dollars

The Tesla owner did not hide his dissatisfaction with the battery failure. After emerging, his car was completely blocked and attempts to charge failed. Plus, he can’t get inside, let alone get any documents that might help repair the car or sell it. In his TikTok video, he asks Tesla to fix the problem quickly because he has heard that it will cost him $20,000 to fix the problem. the hole

This is not the first problem with the battery installed in this Tesla. Previously, it had to be replaced after driving 120,000 km. eg, although Elon Musk announced that those installed in his cars will have to be changed only after driving from 400,000 km. up to 800 thousand km. In the comments, Mario Zelaya said: – This is why you should never buy a Tesla. After that he mentioned the car “piece of trash”.

The Tesla owner had a solution

An outraged Maryo Zelaya made a public appeal to Tesla to solve the problem. It turns out that it is possible to access a locked car. It was enough to break the front bumper or enter through the hole intended for spare tires. The owner of Tesla did not take this opportunity because he said that “there is no time”.

In the end, Maryo Zelaya received a new document after paying $ 30, and also showed a video of himself entering the Tesla, previously removing the front bumper. Finally, Tesla was sold.

– This will be the end of my Tesla journey – Maryo Zelaya finished recording.

Tesla users are reporting many problems

The problem of a malfunctioning battery limiting access to Tesla was not alone. Last year, Finn, protesting the continued deterioration of this part of the car, decided to burn it.

In July, informed about a serious flaw concerning the installed software of Tesla – in models Y and 3. caused the eCall system to break. The problem worries about 60 thousand. cars.

Elon Musk himself in June admitted that Tesla’s new factories in the United States and Germany are causing billions of dollars in losses. Billionaire figuratively he said so can be heard “money burning noise”

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