Another well-known manufacturer wants to overtake Tesla

Another well-known manufacturer wants to overtake Tesla

Model © istockphoto / AdrianHancu

Tesla car manufacturer is the top dog when it comes to electric cars. Until now. Because Tesla is currently battling certain problems.

Tesla car manufacturer is weakening. He has some handling problems. Tesla boss Elon Musk recently described the new Berlin and Austin factories as “big money burners”.

Opportunity for other car manufacturers to surpass Tesla. The competition is already in the starting blocks and VW specifically wants to take advantage of it.

Volkswagen wants to overtake Tesla

Toyota’s largest car manufacturer still holds the combustion engine. The second largest, Volkswagen, wants to surpass Tesla in electronics sales. The possibility is not bad, as Tesla has some problems right now.

In late March, Tesla opened Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. The car manufacturer therefore entered directly into the free zone of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW cultural groups.

But the factory has some problems. It eats up, provides very high daily costs that cannot be reimbursed at the moment.

This is where VW boss Herbert Diess sees his place. He wants to surpass the American manufacturer. “We must seize this opportunity and get it fast,” he said at a working conference in Wolfsburg.

“In 2025 we can take the lead,” he continues.

Tesla and the VW Group are vying for supremacy in electric vehicles.

The entire automotive industry is currently experiencing problems. Likewise Tesla and VW. But when Tesla’s toughness gets worse, the VW Diess boss sees his team as well organized.

“We are getting more revenue than ever before – despite the lack of semiconductors and stagnant supply chains,” he explained. Quite the opposite of Tesla. This car manufacturer is also affected by chip problems and other ongoing problems. There are also two new factories in Berlin and Austin.

“Tesla is weakening,” Diess told the newspaper about the current state of the competitor.

Therefore, the gap between competitors can be reduced in this year. At least it shouldn’t be bigger.