Apparently Hyundai shuts down the combustion engine center

Apparently Hyundai shuts down the combustion engine center

( – Electromobility is on the rise and developers are trying to position themselves in this future electronics space. Many companies have therefore volunteered verbally to completely replace the electric car. Hyundai now it can dare to take a more bold step with the Korean manufacturer ready to complete the development of future internal combustion engines.

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These are the text of the article and Trade Korea which came out before Christmas. The website alleges that Hyundai Motor Group has officially closed its engine development department at the Namyang Research Institute south of Seoul. The clause also states that the manufacturer’s automatic power washing group has been reorganized into a power supply development team and a battery charging team has been established.

Korea Economic Daily it also reports on the closure, citing unnamed industry sources and an alleged email from the new Hyundai Chung-Kook Park development chief to staff: future on the basis of. on the great wealth of the past. “

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There is still no official announcement from Hyundai about this claim. We contacted Hyundai representatives. We will make sure to update this article as soon as new information becomes available.

The rumors are accompanied by major changes in general management and reorganization at Hyundai. Albert Biermann recently announced his resignation as Head of Research and Development, and Head of Innovation Peter Schreyer is also moving to a new post. The automaker also announced more than 200 commercial advertisements, more than a third of which are for research and development.

“Most of the new appointments represent the next generation of leaders and have been recognized for their contribution to the Company’s continued success,” a company spokesman said in a statement accompanying the announcement.

Source: Business Korea, The Korea Economic Daily

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