Apps from F1 TV: overview of all devices

Apps from F1 TV: overview of all devices

For everything about Formula 1 you can go to the streaming service in the Netherlands F1TV. However, many people are surprised by the ease of use if there is also a program is available. Can you download and click it now what equipment Can the program be found? We will let you know all about it in this article.

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Program from F1 TV in the Netherlands

Since the launch of the streaming service in the Netherlands, you can here on the official F1 TV website for more information about program availability and subscription purchases. There are two types of subscriptions that both allow access to the program. The cheapest, F1 TV Access, costs only €2.99 per month or €26.99 per year. However, this does not allow you to watch live races and there are other restrictions (no live stream of F2, F3 and Porsche supercup and no access to all on-board cameras and internal radio. So it is the only way to watch the race .. For the second registration, F1 TV Pro, you pay €7.99 per month. However, you get a 32% discount for the annual subscription at €64.99 instead of (12 x €7.99 =) €95.88. With that option you save €30.89 per year. Below you will find an overview of the devices that make it possible to download the F1 TV app in the Netherlands.

All devices on which the F1 TV app can be downloaded

First of all, it is good to know that there is currently no FT TV app available for gaming console such as Xbox or PlayStation. In addition, at the time of writing, no programs have been released for SmartTV. If you still want to watch through your television, you will find an easy way to start through the next heading at the bottom of this list.

  • Cell phones and tablets
    • iPhone (model 6 or later, iOS 7 or later)
    • iPad 4e generation (iOS 10 or later)
    • Android phone (Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Google, etc | Android 7 or newer)
    • Android tablet (system software 7 or later)
    • Amazon Fire (System 7 software or later)
  • Streaming devices
    • AppleTV
    • Google Chromecast™ (2nd generation or later)
    • Android TV (not through the TV App)
    • Amazon FireTV
    • Apple TV Airplay (for Apple TV Box only)
    • Roku (version 3900 or later)
  • Online through the website
    • Chrome (version 85 or later)
    • Edge (version 85 or later)
    • Firefox (version 82 or later)
    • Internet Explorer (version 11 or later)
    • Safari on MacOS (High) Sierra & Caralina (version 14 or later)
    • Chrome on MacOS (High) Sierra & Caralina (version 85 or later)

Equipment to send to your television

No program available on your television? Fortunately, it is still possible to stream F1 TV with a Chromecast or AppleTV. You do this by connecting to the same network as your Chromecast or Apple TV via your smartphone or tablet, then you go to the connected device with your remote. You can then open the F1 TV app on your smartphone or tablet and start streaming to TV.

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