Aral loading zone: The first truck network is installed

Aral loading zone: The first truck network is installed

More battery-electric trucks are going into production, but there aren’t enough “filling stations” in the area yet. Aral is now taking the first step – opening a loading corridor especially for large commercial vehicles.

Fully electric trucks are not just a dream of the future. Indeed, the vast majority still make diesel. But still: Mercedes-Benz Trucks mass-produces the eActros in Wörth and Volvo Trucks already has a suitable electric model in its lineup for each series – to name just two manufacturers here. Message: if you really want to, you can change today and at least make a name for yourself instead of blowing up in distribution traffic.

There’s just one problem: while many public charging stations are springing up for cars, there isn’t a suitable charging station for trucks. Until now, transport companies have also bought an electronic charging station together with an electronic truck, sometimes at a high cost and despite high subsidies at alarming costs, because not only the charging station itself is required – but also the connection of electricity must first. enabled. And finally, only one or two electric vehicles can use the infrastructure and can only be used in a small area near the electric depot, which is not very attractive for many applications.

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