Are you not using from the future?  The drivetrain has been redone more than once

Are you not using from the future? The drivetrain has been redone more than once

We see more and more that the car’s steering wheel is not round. The steering wheel is placed under the Audi Sport models, Lexus has already introduced us to the Knight Rider steering wheel in the RZ 450e and Tesla has already created a special steering wheel for the new Model S and X. Yet such steering tricks are not recent, in the past the steering wheel has been changed many times. A roundup of amazing handles over the years.

Ford Wrist Twist (1965)

Rocket scientist Bob Rumpf is building a Mercury system with two 5-inch rings that rotate simultaneously that you operate with hand movements. It won’t work.

Austin Allegro (1973)

The ‘square’ steering wheel, intended to be ergonomic and avant-garde, will be replaced by a round one within two years. Also read this article. Chrysler already had a ‘quartic’ steering wheel in the 1960s.

Citroen DS

The first Citroen with a monophonic steering wheel. Later it will be followed in Bata, Ami, GS, SM and CX. The chat should be in live mode by ’10 past 8.30′.

Amazing steering wheel

Pontiac Grand Prix (1988)

How many eighties do you want? All audio system controls in the center of your steering wheel. And then you can also get a digital set of instruments!

Amazing steering wheel

To make it easier to get in and out of the car, you can fold the steering wheel of the Gullwing. A clever idea, but one that will never be followed through on.

Amazing steering wheel

Edsel Citation (1958)

Vintage American steering wheels are often works of art in themselves. The Edsel, a failed Ford sub-brand, integrates push buttons for the automatic transmission at the heart of the steering wheel.

Amazing steering wheel

Renault 5 Turbo (1980)

You’ll find the same ‘triangle design’ in the Subaru XT. A round hole fits well with dishes. The Turbo 2 gets a standard three-spoke steering wheel in 1983.

Amazing steering wheel

Maserati Boomerang (1972)

Coolest concept car driving of all time. A complete set of instruments, including buttons and levers (from Citro├źn SM), is located in the heart of the steering wheel.

Various concept cars

We’re sticking with the steering wheel that made it to the production stage, in concept cars you’ve often seen different steering wheels, or even center consoles like you see in the photo above. That’s the control of the Mercedes-Benz F200 Concept. Mercedes also sometimes showed the SL class with joystick control.