Are you real?  By: Mark Rutte and other leaders by the side of the stick

Are you real? By: Mark Rutte and other leaders by the side of the stick

You are not a leader, you become a leader, says coach and author Frans Vogt. So he makes short work of the idea that you are born a natural leader. Five common denominations have good leaders, he tells They continue to develop, it is curious. They have a clear vision. Good leaders inspire and inspire confidence dare to be vulnerable. They also ensure that everyone on the team can make a meaningful contribution. And: they are self-aware. Vogt: ‘Self-awareness is about recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, your ‘sunny and dark sides’. Knowing who you are means you will use your qualities with confidence.’

Birkman method

Self-awareness is the foundation of true leadership success: there is a balance between your values ​​and beliefs and your behavior that the outside world sees. It comes down to you as a leader trying to find a style that corresponds to what you consider important in life. Leaders who cannot act authentically feel less motivated. After all, it takes a lot of energy to live in a way that doesn’t match your personality.

Real leadership involves self-discovery. Who are you, what is yours run in life, but also: what are your strengths and weaknesses? This seems a little contradictory, but: so you can learn true leadership. Know your attitudes and understand that those attitudes may not be the same, says American organizational psychologist Roger Birkman. He progressed personality assessment ‘testing’ human characteristics, revealing motivations, behaviors and attitudes. ‘When you get the right perspective on your attitudes, you might be surprised how many other things happen’said Birkman.

‘Well, that’s what I am’

People often think that authenticity is the same as ‘being spontaneous’ or ‘expressing your opinion clearly’. Not so, returning to “I am what I am” is not the reason for certain behavior. True leadership is not only about you, but the growth of the people around you and the organization you lead.

Today’s world needs confident leaders. Research from an international perspective consulting firm Egon Zehnder shows that 83 percent of CEOs surveyed consider self-reflection on their leadership style important. A few years earlier that was still 66 percent.

Organizations with authentic leaders have more engaged and motivated employees. In it you will find a culture where people feel safe to express their opinions and test ideas. Such organizations are more innovative and creative.

Let’s look at some of the famous leaders. How do they score on the MT/Sprout originality criteria? Would people believe and follow them?

#Prime Minister Mark Rutte

The prime minister will be the main polder maker. He is known for his pragmatic and flexible approach. Although: change? Lack of vision, say his political opponents. ‘Rutte is not a politician guided by ideology. As a manager, he can succeed in the line of peanut butter tomorrow and the day after that of peas and carrots’, says opponent Geert Wilders. in Volkskrant. With the MH17 disaster, that leadership was there, Wilders reluctantly admits. He showed compassion. He did it well.’

According to former D66 leader Alexander Pechtold, Rutte must reorganize. ‘There needs to be broad lines now and I don’t think he can do that anymore.’ According to former CDA leader Maxime Verhagen, Rutte focuses on personal relationships. “I’ve been out for a long time now, but when I meet him and my wife, she remembers his name.”

Mark Rutte scores 6 out of 10 on the authenticity meter.


Yes, Elon Musk, what can we say about him. The founder of Tesla, the unique entrepreneur who bought Twitter, the man behind SpaceX. The man who launched the Tesla Roadster into space with a rocket as a PR Stunt. Musk describes himself as having Asperger’s syndrome. ‘Caution center’, say others about it. Someone who doesn’t back down provide performance on the popular American comedy show Saturday Night Live. On vacation for the month? If a ‘moderate’ leader suggests that, everyone thinks he’s crazy. If Musk comes up with such a plan, people will get energy and it will be implemented, according to an article by Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. But is this brilliant man also a compassionate leader? Wow. Shortly after Musk took over Twitter, he already cut half of the workforce. “We all worked twenty hours a day” says a former employee. “And he worked 23 hours.” Musk would have little patience with the complainers who feel their families are too little due to too many hours at work. “If we go bankrupt, you’ll have more time to see your family,” he reportedly said in Tesla’s early days.

Elon Musk scored a 5 on the authenticity meter.

#Queen Maxima

Her husband is the head of state of the Netherlands, but Queen Maxima often overlooks him. He is not afraid to show emotion and often knows how to find the right tone and words, so he knows how to rally people behind him. Who doesn’t remember her famous tears during her marriage to Willem-Alexander, or how she saw her husband on TV?a little dumb‘ is mentioned. ‘I see Máxima as a very warm and open person,’ says the presentation and communication specialist Pauline VanAken on ‘Dutch is not Maxima’s mother tongue, but she dares to take the time to express her feelings in words.’ Marcia Luyten, biographer about the current queen, falls Maxima’s self-reflection up. “From a young age, he talked to his friends about how things are going to be, what you need.” Máxima is described as ambitious, someone who wants to discover more. He has guts, strong imagination. For example, the Queen once said that Dutch ‘identity’ doesn’t exist – a statement that many people championed – and that you shouldn’t let social or cultural boundaries hold you back. There then.

Queen Maxima scored an 8 on the authenticity meter.