Arkansas man trying to sell dogs in Mass. was heavily armed, police say

Arkansas man trying to sell dogs in Mass. was heavily armed, police say

A citizen of Arkansas allegedly outfitted with a vast array of weaponry was discovered by police in Massachusetts while attempting to sell dogs, officials declared.

Law enforcement in the Bay State interdicted the suspect, identified as an Arkansan, on Monday, discovering the man to be in possession of a formidable array of armaments. According to police, the accused had been trying to sell dogs in the area at the time of the incident.

Officers reported that the individual was equipped with a handgun, a rifle, multiple extended magazines, and a considerable quantity of ammunition. Furthermore, the accused had reportedly arrived in Massachusetts with a sizable armory.

The suspect was arrested and is currently being held in police custody pending the filing of criminal charges. Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for the police department stated: “Given the suspect’s heavily armed state and the fact that he was attempting to sell animals, we are taking this incident very seriously.”

Though no additional information on the suspect’s identity has been released, and the motive for the activity remains unclear, it has been established that the accused was an inhabitant of Arkansas attempting to sell dogs in Massachusetts while in possession of a vast cache of weaponry.