Art Deco cars: the last Bentley at Le Mans.  Before VW.

Art Deco cars: the last Bentley at Le Mans. Before VW.

Of course you know bentley as the English luxury group of the vw group type heavier four wheel drive instead of aston martin and also the sportier version of silk rolls royce the rolls royce today and you really know one big bmw in english sir. a cosplay that hunts foxes and has pipes despite only being marketed to rappers and millionaire gamers worldwide. [caption id= attachment_332289  align= aligncenter  width= 999 ] sir henry royce must be rocking the coffin twice [/caption] there is no English industry anymore in fact the factories still exist to give proof to the intended image ta there are legal remains that are not related to the grand scheme of good things pacas a caterham heiress for everything was good about the lotus. the Lotus Emira and Morgans despite the fact that they were all assembled by technicians bought from the rest are all British but from the 1920s to the 1960s the British industry was proud to be independent and contributed a lot to the development of all cars BMW and Nissan started with the Austin Seven Under. license and was the bantam heir of the american american austin where the american jeep was really born [caption id= attachment_332293  align= aligncenter  width= 999 ] merlin who won the war was a rolls royce [/caption] and at this time the greatest British engineering was actually in the company of Sir Henry Royce after all the Second World War he could not have won without the 27 liter aeronautical v12 called Rolls Royce Merlin something very important indeed Bentley was for most of its history a division of rolls royce the company was bought in 1931 and continued under the tutelage of an old rival until 2004 when it became part of vw no less than 71 years but all its fame was created from 1919 to 1931 and by the cars of the founder engineer walter owen bentley in his factory in the north of london in the cricklewood district were silks that rivaled the rolls royce but the most powerful won le mans no less than five times. [caption id= attachment_332298  align= aligncenter  width= 960 ] cricklewood bentley fastest trucks in the world [/caption] Rolls Royce bought the company to eliminate its competitor and immediately closed the Cricklewood factory and began manufacturing more modern versions of the Rolls Royce chassis and bentley radiators at their Derby factory in the English Midlands, 200 km northwest of London. cricklewood. bentley the real and the derby bentley the rolls royce in bentley cosplay a boy can be forgiven for thinking that this is something old and useless if for more than 70 years bentley were the basis of rolls royce today fake and older but in fact the popularity the image that made vw buy the brand is the fame and glory achieved in the first twelve years of its history, not how long but how strong the image is and the image of bentley is closely associated with the tracks of le mans and its extraordinary speed and large agile cars running from 1919 to 1931 [caption id= attachment_332300  align= aligncenter  width= 999 ] derby bentley here 3 1/2 liter 1934 goes a little faster royce [/caption] Today’s story, however, is of a different Bentley derby, a car that was one of the last examples of the engineering of the old company, a different attempt to make a Bentley like the old days, albeit within an old rival, and the last Bentley to race at Le Mans before. from vw to make a racing car with a British brand but without any connection with it exp speed 8 from 2001 bentley very different despite being created by a portout of a French builder and performed by a french representative of that brand. at the request of a millionaire enthusiast a car known as bentley embiricos and in fact an experimental work of bentley engineering to try to make their car more modern model hidden in a private car and financed by its owner who almost never drove it. [caption id= attachment_332301  align= aligncenter  width= 999 ] 4 1/4 liter rollers called it a silent sports car [/caption] this car at the time was a bentley 4 ¼ liter the bentley derby was launched as a bentley 3½ liter later increased to 4¼ liters in 1936 it was presented to the public in september 1933 shortly after the death of henry royce and was the first bentley model after the acquisition of bentley brand and rolls royce in 1931 was released as chassis only with curved and radiator installed bodywork always being the third role was rolls royce of course slightly changed 4 ¼ liter was inline ohv six derived. from the unit of rolls 20/25 hp measuring 88 9 x 114 3 mm for a total of 4257 cm³ bentley had a different flow head and more speed a neat cam and su carburettor 125 and 125 hp at 4500 rpm and a torque of 28. mkgf at 2200 rpm, a big number at the time, the transmission was a four-speed manual with clutches in 3rd and 4th gears, the brakes had drums and servos, a rare four-wheel drive, and two rigid axles with springs in the form of ellipticals. [caption id= attachment_332323  align= aligncenter  width= 999 ] dubbonet dolphin[/caption] well in 1936 the two engineers of the brand are at the Brooklands track and they are impressed by the dolphin radical dubonnet in the test there are stupid British cars then they were still official as a car from the 1910s without any clearance for air flow the two return. for the derby and asked for funding for aerodynamic test work enters the scene Walter sleator the representative of Rolls royce in France was concerned about the extensive body work that the French did on delages and other cars such as jean’s bugatti atlantic he wanted something similar on rolls. but the brand denied permission to the Greek ship owner and businessman Andre Maris embiricos his friend would sponsor him money for the aerodynamic rollers and the shooter knocks on the factory door in derby to talk to the royce board did not want to risk something modern in their cars in coats the back. but I saw that the opportunity knocked on your door after many negotiations the project was I presented it to sleator and in the form of a bentley not a rolls royce if it was a failure the directors could have rejected the idea since the French designer would be a dentist who became famous in French art instruments of the era of george paulin at that time. was approached Paulin was working on an impressive Delage d8 120 which was almost finished in Marcel Pourtout’s workshop ready for the 1937 Paris Show the same team was listed for Bentley Special in November a scale model was sent to Bentley who tested it at Vickers. the tunnel from the change of engineers in this experiment a complete wood example was made of biricos authorized and ordered a chassis of 4 ¼ liters and containers of km and liters in March 1938 it was ready at the astronomical cost of two standard Bentley cars. It didn’t go to its owner right away but Bentley needed to run an extensive test program with it as the main focus. It was intended to be a high-speed road car and as such the interior was finished with leather seats and pure wool floor mats. carburetors that increased power to 140 hp absorbers and brakes were modified for high speed and special 2 ratio overdrive fourth gear 87 1 was installed after receiving his car embiricos was still thirsty again this time let the shooter take the montlhery for several record attempts. the french agent was hailed as an excellent driver and set an unofficial one-hour record of 172 km/h which was very impressive in 1938; an ordinary car stopped at 150 km / h [caption id= attachment_332320  align= aligncenter  width= 999 ] 1949 Second life as an unlikely racing car[/caption] but there was more on the car again went to England when the famous captain George Eyston averaged the Brooklands oval at 184 km / h the car did not return to France anyway; Embiricos got tired of having a car but they didn’t sell it in england and came the second world war the car was kept but in the first le mans of the second war in 1949 I think who entered of course a big coupe with the best interior. the car was very good in the race and even stayed ahead for a while but ended up in sixth place indeed a classy and quiet car in the race the car participated in two other races in 1950 and 1951 always with its new owner hsf hay it was always a party in 1951 he took his family and bags in a car and stayed in the same hotel as the bentley boys in the 1920s he took part in the race and did very well until he had to give it up because of a broken dynamo so he installed a new part and took the family on a long car holiday trip to french riviera this race in 1951 with bentley embiricos marked bentley’s last participation in french races until the return with vw in 2001 car. it continues to this day and is a testament to a different era and a transitional time in bentley when everyone thought it would disappear it came back even if it was confirmed with fear that if you wanted it, it was still material at le mans a thoroughbred if only for that. reason

You surely know Bentley as the luxury English arm of the VW group. A heavy-duty, four-wheel drive alternative to the Aston Martin, as well as a sportier version of the Rolls-Royce sedan. Today’s Rolls-Royce, you know, is actually a big BMW for an English lord cosplay who hunts foxes and has a pipe, despite being sold only to rappers and millionaire players of popular sports around the world. There is no English industry left, in fact, industries left there to give some credence to the intended picture. Well, there are its legal remains, which have nothing to do with the grand scheme of things: Caterham, the heir to everything that was good about Lotus, Lotus Emira, and Morgans, despite all the mechanics being bought. from others. , all are in English. but of