Arvedi Group offers ARVZERO |  Siderweb

Arvedi Group offers ARVZERO | Siderweb

RHO – It is called ARVZERO and it is steel produced by Acciaieria Arvedi using Arvedi ESP technology with zero CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). AND circular because it is obtained from recycling scrap and is “zero waste” as more than 90% of the waste produced by the production process is reused. Arvedi Group has chosen the Made in Steel layout to present through the conference.

“If we are here today to celebrate this milestone together, we owe it to the hero Giovanni Arvedi, for his extraordinary vision and his determination”, was the basis of Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo, CEO of the Arvedi Groupwhich defined ARVZERO “the point of arrival, but at the same time the point of departure”. The point of arrival because «we actually arrived in 2023 to get results, “zero emissions” certificate for all steel produced by Acciaieria Arvediwhile the goal of the Green Plan is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050″. The starting point «because we will continue to work so that these results can be further improved by reducing the maximum of 1 kilo as possible and also reducing the maximum of 3».

The beginning of the milestone celebrated today by the Arvedi Group has deep roots. It is the result of a vision that was born in 1989, when Cavalier Arvedi decided to found Acciaierie Arvedi and “did it with three basic pillars: an electric furnace powered by scrapthe first and still the only case of a producer of flat iron for electric furnaces in Europe; ESP-ISP technology which makes it possible to obtain finished coils rolled from liquid metal without CO emissions2; and finally, pillar of sustainability». For Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo «the attention that Cavalier Giovanni Arvedi had put in the implementation of best practices from this point of view is amazing. First of all, for moral reasons: not to pollute. But also for strategic reasons, of business continuity that only environmental compatibility could be guaranteed».

Looking at more recent times, Arvedi Caldonazzo pointed to 2018 as the year show for the birth of ARVZERO. “It’s our year sustainability manager Alessandra Barocci suggests map of all sources of CO emissions2 create an intervention plan to reduce them. Sustainability comes from anticipating the way we knew that the European Commission would not return or give discounts». “We had a very high carbon footprint – continued the CEO of the Arvedi Group – but everything changed in 2020when we signed the agreement for the plan closure of the Trieste thermal area and the conversion of the production site to a carbon neutral site. At this point we have removed from our carbon footprint all Scope 1 emissions associated with the critical cycle». So Arvedi started a project worth around 500 million euros, called Azimut, for the green conversion of the Trieste plant and the replacement of cast iron and scrap in the production process in Cremona. “With a lot of research, which is not complete, we were able to significantly reducing the use of cast iron in the electric oven while ensuring the quality characteristics of the product – explained Arvedi Caldonazzo -. At the same time, the anthracite that has been imported is replaced by natural vegetable carbon or other products that clean plastic materials with encouraging carbon content but not yet determined». But no one should have any illusions: “One cannot think that we can produce without any carbon dioxide emissions,” he noted. This is why «Arvedi, after significantly reducing the production of Scope 1, has launched a a voluntary project to deal with the remaining greenhouse gas emissions through Forest certificates». Once both Scope 1 and Scope 2 have been paid, the Arvedi Group presented a RINA the project itself and this company “conducted further inspections, adjusted several measures to be certified in July 2022 as carbon neutral“, This means that “At the customer’s request, we will be able to issue a certificate that will confirm the weatherability of the steel purchased. and the same customer”.

Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo then said “he is proud to be able to announce first supply contract with Mercedes Benzan important brand, an international company of extraordinary character and a great commitment to sustainability has chosen ARVZERO steel to launch its sustainable product lines».

The CEO of the Arvedi Group is sure that this client will be joined by others in the near future, because «consumer sensitivity is increasing, There is more and more desire to choose sustainable products». He said the problem is that “no definition of “green metal” because everyone is trying to protect their positions and so there is no agreement. We couldn’t wait for a definition to be reached that we probably wouldn’t even recognize ourselves». Also because «the definition of “green metal” will be used for public procurement and nothing else. Let me explain: When Mercedes Benz decided to embrace our project, it first wanted to prove that energy from renewable sources did not come from nuclear sources. So it’s not enough to claim that you’ve covered your Scope 2, or rather, it’s enough from a regulatory perspective, but then. there are mixed feelings in the market». And ARVZERO, the Arvedi Group, explained Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo, wanted “to be ahead of the times, with absolute clarity”. Currently the greatest interest in carbon-free steel is shown by many car manufacturers but not only: «I see many friends and customers here who want to launch their line of carbon-free products while they also receive requests».

As we said at the beginning, ARVZERO is definitely a destination, but also a starting point. There are several priorities that the Arvedi Group has set for itself over the next few years: further reducing CO emissions2 per ton of iron producedfrom the current 133 kg to less than 100 kg. Working on Scope 3that is, indirect emissions associated with CO content2 in raw materials, transport etc. “We have already had the best results in 2022, that is, a 40% reduction of Scope 3. It is important – said Arvedi Caldonazzo – because in the future it will also be important to verify Scope 3 and it will be a long-term work and need”. Finally, Arvedi aims obtain carbon-free certification also for all other companies in the supply chain, such as pipe mills, Metalfer and service centers.. Finally, it has a purpose also bring Arvedi AST towards climate neutrality. In this regard, the CEO emphasized that “it is about pure strategy because stainless steel is produced from scrap by an electric furnace only in Europe. In Asia, it is produced through a process called nickel pig iron, which produces 7 to 9 times more than ours but which has high competitive costs. If the Asians pushed the accelerator with their installed capacity, they would wipe us out. We could only defend ourselves with sustained arguments». Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo really believes so “The attention of the customer will eventually lead him to choose sustainable products instead of very dirty products”.