Arvedi launches “Arvzero”, a carbon steel with zero CO2 emissions

Arvedi launches “Arvzero”, a carbon steel with zero CO2 emissions

The conference titled “ARVZERO: Arvedi Carbon Neutral Steel – Technological Innovation in the Service of Sustainability” stands as a testament to Siderweb’s exceptional organization within the ongoing Made in Steel Steel exhibition in Milan. This event marked the inaugural day of the Arvedi Group from Cremona.

Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo, the esteemed CEO of the group, elucidated how the steel industry in Cremona holds the distinguished position of being the world’s sole producer of steel utilizing ESP technology, thereby achieving a remarkable zero carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. Arvedi Caldonazzo added, “Our initiative embodies a Zero Waste approach, whereby 92-93% of production waste is efficiently repurposed. Furthermore, it represents a closed-loop production system, as our steel is derived from scrap, which can be aptly referred to as reclaimed materials.”

Continuing his discourse, the CEO of the Arvedi Group proclaimed, “These remarkable achievements are the fruits of the visionary ideas conceived by Cavalier Arvedi. In 1990, he pioneered a unique process of steel production in Europe, and one of the rare instances worldwide, employing electric furnaces and adhering to the principles of casting and zero-carbon mobility. This underscores our company’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.” Finally, Arvedi Caldonazzo proudly announced the first momentous ARVZERO steel contract, scheduled for delivery in 2023, with esteemed customer Mercedes Benz. This notable manufacturer has also embraced sustainability as the cornerstone of its future strategic direction.”

In the early afternoon, within the confines of the meeting room at Made in Steel, Arvedi Caldonazzo, an esteemed figure who also holds the position of vice president at Eurofer and Federacciai, engaged in an interview with Stefano Ferrari, the director of Siderweb’s research office, to discuss the prevailing condition and vitality of the European sector.

Europe, the esteemed abode of Italian metallurgy, stands as the primary export market for Italian industry players. Furthermore, Europeans emerge as suppliers of both raw materials and finished goods. Resoundingly, they concurred that the interconnection between Italy and Europe within the steel sector is profoundly robust.

On the periphery of the interview, Ferrari underscored the sector’s immediate challenges, with consumption displaying a sluggish growth trajectory compared to the previous year, while encountering fierce competition from emerging international competitors. “Due to recent conflicts,” Ferrari dissected, “companies scrambled to secure essential raw materials, which now require processing and subsequent sale.”

Companies, therefore, must embark on a path aligned with the forthcoming green revolution as mandated by Europe. The year 2030 marks the pivotal initial steps towards achieving European targets, including a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, culminating in complete climate neutrality by 2050. Remarkably, the Arvedi group, with its commitment to carbon-neutral steel, has commendably surmounted the prevailing timeline, establishing itself as a vanguard in this domain.