Ary Fontoura, from Globo, is a millionaire and lives like this

Ary Fontoura, from Globo, is a millionaire and lives like this

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Ary Fontoura, one of the biggest names in Globo’s history, lives a luxurious life as a millionaire.

Today is Ary Fontoura’s birthday! The famous actor from Globo turns 90 with good health, peace, hard work and lots of money.

The actor has a whole life story in Globo and he is not tired of making soap operas and movies that captivated the audience and the hearts of all people.

Ary Fontoura was featured in Roque Santero, A Favorita, Chocolate com Pimenta, Tieta, A Viagem, Caras e Bocas, A Indomada, Morde e Assopra, Êta Mundo Bão, among many other titles that identified him as one of the biggest names in the history of the announcer.

The YouTube channel, Sabe Tudo, collected some things that show how Ary Fontoura, who is a millionaire, lives his life in luxury.

Ary Fontoura has a luxurious life (Maternity - Instagram)
Ary Fontoura has a luxurious life (Maternity – Instagram)

Before the Tragedy, Ary Fontoura lived in a luxury house in São Paulo, but, being isolated from society, he moved to his villa in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in Rio de Janeiro, where he could handle himself better in the situation.

With a barbecue, a garden and cleaning himself, Ary Fontoura’s daily life in his villa is busy.


To be able to travel from one palace to another, Ary Fontoura needs cars that can afford his luxurious life.

In an interview, the Globo actor even commented that he has a Chevrolet S-10 which is a 4×4 pickup that has a current value of around 300 thousand reais.

Another car that the Globo actor shared on his social networks is the Land Rover Discovery, a luxury 4×4 SUV that is worth 730 thousand reais.

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