As Harley Davidson’s official mobility partner, Ford shows strong presence at Hamburg Harley Days 2022, Gütsel Online, OWL live

As Harley Davidson’s official mobility partner, Ford shows strong presence at Hamburg Harley Days 2022, Gütsel Online, OWL live

“Ford is Harley Davidson’s official mobility partner in 2022.” Photo: Ford Werke GmbH

As the official mobility partner of Harley Davidson, Ford is making a strong presence at Hamburg Harley Days 2022.

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  • This year Ford is the official #mobility partner of #Harley #Davidson in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – with its presence at Hamburg #Harley Days 2022
  • Top models of the #Ford #Ranger are used as #smoke and #show cars at the Hamburg wholesale market, along with the new fully electric E Transit and other highlights.
  • Hamburg Harley Days 2022 will open its doors to visitors from June 24 to 26, 2022, Ford will be represented by 300 square meters of exhibition space.

Ford is Harley Davidson’s official mobility partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2022 and will have a presence at Hamburg Harley Days 2022. Hamburg Harley Days 2022 will be held at the Hamburg general market from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26 under the slogan “More bikes, more style, more Harley”. This is the biggest motorcycle city event of its kind in Europe. In this capacity, Ford offers select high-end Ford Ranger variants as tow and show vehicles for the world-renowned motorcycle manufacturer’s events.

As the European market leader in the pick-up segment, the Ford Ranger reflects the values ​​of both brands: freedom, passion and adventure. As part of Hamburg Harley Days 2022, Ford will also present other car highlights, including the Mustang Cabrio California Special Edition and the vintage #V8 car from the Cologne Ford #Classic #Car department as well as the all-new E Transit Electric: Because Ford as an automaker and Harley Davidson with the Live Wire sub-brand are also driving the evolution towards electric mobility.

Six Ford Ranger Stormtraks are used as towing vehicles in Hamburg, a special version with two cabs and a 2.0-liter EcoBlue bi-turbo diesel engine with 156 kW and a maximum torque of 500 Newton meters. Ranger #Raptor with the same engine as Ranger Wolftrak with extra cabin and 125 kilowatt 2.0 liter Ecoblue engine will be displayed as show cars in Conquer Gray with exclusive Harley Davidson branding.

The workplace is Harley Village – a 40,000 square meter tent city on Hamburg’s wholesale market. Here, for 3 days, there will be a big party with many live music acts. Expert dealers showcase styles, accessories and of course the latest Harley Davidson models. Ford’s 300 square meter exhibition stand is set up between the Dealer Market and the #Coffee #Green.

» We are looking forward to participating in the Harley Festival for the first time. Our brands are a perfect match – two American brands that share the same values ​​and stand for freedom and adventure,” said Dr. Christian Weingärtner, Managing Director of Ford Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

»At Harley Davidson we stand for the pursuit of freedom and timeless adventure, but also for evolution and innovation. That’s why it was obvious to bring a strong brand like Ford to this year’s Experience Journey, which represents the same values, “says Dr. Kolja Rebstock, Vice President EMEA and Managing Director Harley Davidson Germany, Austria and Switzerland. »With Harley Davidson The #Sportster and the Ford #Mustang family, we each offer enduring and iconic products in the #automotive industry. I look forward to many opportunities this year to partner with Ford to bring a positive and emotional experience to our passionate fans.”

The Hamburg Harley Days will conclude with a big parade on Sunday, to which all motorcycle fans are welcome, regardless of brand. Together, thousands of cyclists ride about 25 kilometers through Hamburg’s harbor landscape, along Hafenrandstraße, through HafenCity, past the Elbphilharmonie and Landungsbrücken to the Reeperbahn and back to the general market. However, this will not be the last joint event between Harley Davidson and Ford this year. The Ranger models will also be seen at the Swiss Harley Days in Lugano from July 1 to 3, and at the European Bike Week from September 6 to 11, 2022 at Lake Faaker See in Austria.

  • Ford Ranger fuel consumption and #CO2 emissions: All Ford Ranger models are assembled as #trucks in Germany.
  • Fuel consumption of the Ford Mustang California Special in 11.6 to 11.2 liters per 100 kilometers (inclusive), #CO2 #emissions of 265 to 256 grams per kilometer (inclusive)*

* The specified values ​​were determined according to the established measurement method (paragraph 2, numbers 5, 6, 6 a, passenger car ENVKV in the current version).

Since 1 September 2017, some new cars have been certified according to the World Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), a new and more realistic procedure for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Since September 1, 2018, WLTP has replaced the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), the current test procedure. Due to the more realistic test conditions, the values ​​of fuel consumption and #CO2 #emissions measured according to WLTP are often higher than those measured according to NEDC.

The values ​​specified for this vehicle type have already been determined using the new WLTP test cycle and calculated to NEDC for comparison purposes. Please note that for taxes or duties resulting from CO2 emissions since 1 September 2018, the values ​​determined according to the WLTP have been used as the basis for the calculation. Therefore, values ​​other than those given here may be used for the assessment of such taxes and duties.

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Note according to directive 1999/94/EG

Vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are not only dependent on vehicle fuel efficiency, but are also affected by driving behavior and other non-technical factors. CO2 is the greenhouse gas mainly responsible for global warming. More information on official fuel consumption and official #CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the »Guide to fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption of new passenger cars«, which is available at all sales outlets and in available for free. For more information see #Pkw #ENVKV regulations.

Ford works GmbH

#Ford #Werke GmbH is a German car manufacturer and mobility services provider based in Cologne. The company employs around 19,800 people at its locations in Cologne, Saarlouis and Aachen. Since its inception in 1925, Ford plants have produced more than 47 million vehicles.