Assen, race 1: Kawasaki win, World Championship points ton / Supersport 300 World Championship

Assen, race 1: Kawasaki win, World Championship points ton / Supersport 300 World Championship

At the 300th Supersport World Cup meeting in Assen, Kawasaki rider Daniel Mogeda won the first round. KTM leader Jeffrey Buis crashed, Phillip Tonn scored the World Championship points in twelfth place.

In Superpole on Friday afternoon, many 300cc drivers had their fastest times canceled due to yellow flags. This included KTM rider and local hero Jeffrey Buis, who therefore only started the first race from tenth instead of from row 1. World Championship leader Inigo Iglesias (Kawasaki) was even relegated to 13th on the grid of the nation. The pole position was awarded to Kawasaki rider Fenton Seabright.

The weather deteriorated when the race started at 12:45 pm. It was cold, windy and the sky over the TT Circuit Assen looked as if it would rain again at any moment. At first, however, the pitch was much drier.

But the first start was canceled after a big crash in the chicane before the start/finish on lap 3. Buis, in the lead, skidded in the wet, Kove driver Julio Garcia, who was driving on the back straight, was unable to avoid it and hit the Dutchman. Buis was treated at the scene of the crash for a few minutes, but then, to the relief and applause of his colleagues, he climbed into the waiting ambulance.

The restart took place with just five laps and points in the final timing stage. The race was typically competitive for the junior series and was characterized by skirmishes on long straights. Leadership and positions in the larger group changed many times until the finish line. The onset of rain on the final lap caused additional drama.

In an incredible final with many falls, Daniel Mogeda (Kawasaki) came out on top. Unai Calatayud (Yamaha) got the second place on the podium. In third place, Inigo Iglesias extended his championship lead.

Phillip Tonn rode a strong race The KTM rider was in ninth place at times and crossed the finish line in twelfth place.

Here’s how the race went:

Start: Veneman ahead of Svoboda and Pratama in the first corner. Ton on the 13th.

Lap 1: Veneman leads the pack of five. Tonn to 11. Fall Ieraci.

Phase 2: Mogeda spends 1:49.933 minutes ahead of Veneman and Pratama. Tonn in 9th place.

Round 3: Iglesias, Mogeda, Veneman, Svoboda and Pratama fight for victory. The Fall of Gennai and Di Sora.

Lap 4: Mahendra set the fastest lap at 1:49.734 minutes. Overthrow of Osuna and Salvador.

Final round: Mogeda wins over Calatayud and Iglesias. The Fall of Sabatucci.

Results Supersport-300 Assen, race 1:
Pos the driver Motorcycle Different
1. Daniel Mogeda (left) Kawasaki
2. Unai Calatayud (E) Yamaha + 0,083 sec
3. Inigo Iglesias (L) Kawasaki + 0.086
4. Loris Veneman (NL) Kawasaki + 0.586
5. Galang Hendra Pratama (RI) Yamaha + 0,601
6. Petr Svoboda (CZ) Kawasaki + 0.658
7. Ruben Bijman (NL) Kawasaki + 0,692
8. Aldi Mahendra (RI) Yamaha + 0.765
9. Marc Garcia (E) Mussels + 1,474
10. Margo Gaggi (I) Yamaha + 1,701
11. Dylan Czarkowski (NL) Yamaha + 1,905
12. Philip Ton (D) KTM + 2,138
13. Fenton Seabright (GB) Kawasaki + 2,396
14. Raffaele Tragni (I) Yamaha + 2,788
15. Gustavo Manso (BR) Yamaha + 3,998
16. Elia Bartolini (I) Yamaha + 7,822
17. Michel Agazzi (I) Yamaha + 9,009
18. Filip Novotný (CZ) Kawasaki + 9,066
19. Mattia Martella (I) Kawasaki + 9,125
20. Senna van den Hoven (NL) Kawasaki + 10,226
21. Giacomo Zannini (I) Kawasaki + 16,770
22. Ivan Hernandez (E) Kawasaki + 23,205
Kevin Sabatucci (I) Kawasaki
David Salvador (E) Yamaha
Jose Osuna (E) Kawasaki
Mirko Gennai (I) Kawasaki
Samuel Di Sora (F) Yamaha
Chris Clark (USA) Kawasaki
Bruno Ieraci (I) Kawasaki
Supersport 300: Status after 3 of 16 races
Pos the driver Motorcycle Points
1. Inigo Iglesias (L) Kawasaki 44
2. Daniel Mogeda (left) Kawasaki 38
3. Aldi Mahendra (RI) Yamaha 36
4. Petr Svoboda (CZ) Kawasaki 34
5. Unai Calatayud (E) Yamaha 30
6. Jeffrey Buis (NL) KTM 25
7. Loris Veneman (NL) Kawasaki 25
8. Samuel Di Sora (F) Yamaha 23
9. Ruben Bijman (NL) Kawasaki 22
10. Julio Garcia (E) Mussels 20
11. Galang Hendra Pratama (RI) Yamaha 20
12. Margo Gaggi (I) Yamaha 19
13. Bruno Ieraci (I) Kawasaki 16
14. Marc Garcia (E) Mussels 16
15. Mirko Gennai (I) Kawasaki 14
16. Emanuele Cazzaniga (I) Yamaha 6
17. Elia Bartolini (I) Yamaha 5
18. Fenton Seabright (GB) Kawasaki 5
19. Dylan Czarkowski (NL) Yamaha 5
20. David Salvador (E) Yamaha 4
21. Philip Ton (D) KTM 4
22. Jose Osuna (E) Kawasaki 3
23. Matteo Vanucci (I) Yamaha 2
24. Raffaele Tragni (I) Yamaha 2
25. Kevin Fontainha (BR) Yamaha 1
26. Gustavo Manso (BR) Yamaha 1