Aston Martin and Singapore update: 2023 goals

Aston Martin and Singapore update: 2023 goals

Italian GP 2022

Aston Martin continues to pursue its claims. This season there is probably a chance for seventh place in the World Cup. With this, the “big update” will be activated in Singapore. In 2023, the racing team must be in the middle front row.

Aston Martin left empty-handed for the sixth time this year. The racing team from Silverstone has not scored double-digit points in any race. It is a season in which most of them remain only bread for a team that wants to. Aston Martin has scored only one point six times. Not even at Monza. Both cars out in Q1. Double failure after 39 laps. Sebastian Vettel ended the ERS problem after ten laps. Lance Stroll was ordered to cool the brakes before being pulled out of the race with a loss.

The worst fear happened. The Aston Martin AMR22 hates racing that requires low levels of power. Baku was different as the green car handled the bumps well there and others in the middle class struggled to match that. At Monza, very small pianos are run like never before in a year. Aston drivers tried the spa wing and paid for it in high speed because the AMR22 is the opposite of streamlined. They tested the Monza special edition and suffered from cornering instability.

Without a wing, a green racing car came to a green branch. The only consolation is that none of the remaining six races are run on low power. It goes towards the big wings again. The high level of aerodynamic efficiency then no longer deserves such a large role. You will no longer be penalized by excessive air resistance, such as that created by the AMR22. Since Aston Martin promises half of the last reconciliation race. Seventh place is still within reach. Haas is ahead with nine points, Alpha Tauri eight.


From Q1, two retirements in the race: Nothing went together for Aston Martin at Monza.

Alpine Attack by McLaren

And Aston Martin will add the last time to a large extent, depending on the team environment. For the third time after the Spanish GP and a home game in England. A major upgrade is said to be completed in Singapore. After that it’s over. The development budget is running out. Accidents should not occur if possible, otherwise it may remain with the budget limit. It will be no different for some others in the field.

The development is aimed at 2023. Aston Martin cannot afford a third season apart from ambitious goals. In 2020, the Silverstone squad, then flying the Championship Championship banner, had achieved four podiums and one win. It was followed by a crash in the bottom areas of the table. “2021 and 2022 were not good years. That should not be repeated. We have to take important steps,” says team boss Mike Krack.

You don’t want to call the position you want. But it is clear that Aston Martin must move forward to the front midfield. With Alpine and McLaren you want to fight for the places behind the top teams. The attack on the Formula 1 establishment will be fierce. “We have to be honest.”

Sebastian Vettel - Aston Martin - Italian GP 2022 - Monza


The last improvement in Singapore: The development budget does not allow more.

Alonso as a bargain hunter

High hopes are placed on the technical guests, who will actively contribute their ideas for the 2023 car for the first time. Dan Fallows and Andrew Alessi were chasing Aston Martin from Red Bull, Eric Blandin from Mercedes and Luca Furbatto from Alfa Romeo. Skilled people joining a tech team that has historically done little but lost its way since Lawrence Stroll took over.

Fernando Alonso should be a big sponsor in 2023. The Spaniard is still considered one of the best drivers in the field. “Race driving engineer” is perhaps the most perfect of all. At Silverstone they still can’t believe their luck to beat Alonso. The team asks the question: “How can Alpine let such a driver go?” Double the fun: Aston Martin has strengthened itself and undermined one of its rivals.