Aston Martin DB12 is on all notices

Aston Martin DB12 is on all notices

They are becoming rarer, cars with monstrous engines with eight or more cylinders. Mainly because automakers are getting more and more successful at squeezing hundreds of horsepower out of small engines. A 1 liter cylinder with 100 hp is no longer an exception. In addition, we are of course dealing with the electrification that will eventually lead to the end of the V8, V10 and V12. Fortunately, that will take a few more years. They must have thought the same at Aston Martin when they developed their latest sports car: the DB12.

Fast and powerful… for ICE

No, the new Aston Martin does not have 12 cylinders, as you can tell from the model name. The V12 is a thing of the past and was last seen in its predecessor, the DB11. The DB12 should be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 680 hp and 800 Nm of torque. This pulls the DB12 up to 100 kilometers per hour in three and a half seconds and, if you put the gas on the rack – early on the circuit or the quiet German autobahn – the speedometer finally stops at 325 km / h.

I can already hear some EV owners laughing over their hands. “More than three seconds from 0 to 100?!? My Tesla S Plaid does it in 2.6 seconds!’. Yes, it’s true, and there are many more EVs that laugh at 3.5 seconds. For example, the Porsche Taycan Turbo and Lucid Air . But these are – with the exception of Porsche – of course no cars of the caliber Aston Martin. Let’s be clear about that. With an Aston Martin you make a statement. ‘I’m going to be the new Bond… James Bond’.

75 years Aston Martin DB

And that’s what the Aston Martin DB12 is: a statement. It is also an anniversary model for the British manufacturer. The brand is 110 years old this year. And the DB line celebrates its 75the Birthday. Take that! Tesla and Lucid.

And, if Aston Martin’s statement is to be believed, the end of the DB brand and line is nowhere in sight. “The ultimate performance and luxury of the DB12 is the leader of the next generation of Aston Martin sports cars. With this, the brand heralds a new era. An example that all Aston Martin models are characterized by extraordinary performance and precise dynamics, seamless integration and the fusion of advanced technologies with the high style and exemplary craftsmanship that the brand has long been known for.

Naturally, the new DB12 is also equipped with the most modern technical equipment to ensure that everyone can keep this car on the road, even at high speeds. Aston Martin has yet to comment on the price tag, but that will undoubtedly be slightly above or close to its predecessor, the DB11. You can add it to your collection for 250,000 to around 300,000, depending on the version. And again I hear other EV drivers laughing on their hands. That’s allowed 😉